What is the procedure for disconnecting your PC monitor to save on GPU resources

I have searched here for an understandable answer but Im really green when it comes to computers so having trouble with that. I have read here that if you have your monitor running at the same time your Pimax 4k HMD is running, that the pc monitor can steal resources from your GPU. I just not sure how to remedy this without unplugging the monitor or turning off the monitor and not sure if that would work. Anyone know the easiest way to accomplish this, much thanks!

I believe that the monitor is required when running vr. It shows a mirror image of what’s on the hmd. Unplugging the monitor will have no effect as the mirror will still be pushed down the monitor output even if the monitor is not plugged in.

Some games do not have a external mirror but they are usually games designed that way.

What you can do though is set the monitor mirror to a low resolution as that should not impact on the HMDs display. Thus minimizing the GPU overhead.


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Hi, generally it is assumed that the monitor is needed to running for the best experience. Disconnecting your PC monitor would have no effect on the basis of the setting in advance.
So, maybe you can reduce the resolution. if you would like to save GPU resources.