What is the highest resolution OLED headset on the market

I think Im knowledgeable on all current HMD’s to date but there has been sooo many VR headsets come to market its hard to keep up with them all.

I was thinking the headset with highest resolution with OLED panels is going to be the Vive Pro, Samsung Odyssey+ and any other knock off headsets with resolutions of 1400 X 1600 per eye.

But is there any with higher resolution than these and Im guessing theres no OLED panels that are RGB available just yet?


Our XR headset is 2560 x 1440 per eye.


Oooh thats right I had forgotten about the XR

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XTAL uses 1440p pentile OLED too.
Star VR One has RGB OLED panels but those are 1830 *1464 per eye.


Pimax 8K-XR Kevin :slight_smile: Make it happen while your ahead :+1:


Well Star VR has x1800P RGB OLED so I suppose that’s the leader. Fingers crossed Samsung release their 4K OLED tech to compete with HP next year!

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Are you saying that it has full RGB pixels (as opposed to PenTile)?

Yes it does. They had custom RGB panels made for it. ED dream machine


News at 11: Random flash-mobs of ED players appearing out of the blue to raid stores for Sony phones and Google cardboard’s.


Google cardboard and pantyhose :+1:

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Of cause, how could I forget. \hangs head in shame\

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Star VR does not have 1800P panel.

It is RGB but 1830*1464. Check out their website and you can find its specifications, which is 16 million 'sub’pixels total. :slightly_smiling_face:

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In all seriousness though. The reason I suggest the Sony 4K Experior is because the Pimax 4K had the old LCD Experior panels produced by Sharp. The XR model has the old Samsung anti blue light 1440P phone screens which are also used in the 3glasses S1. If were throwing phone panels into VR headsets why not use the latest components? Pimax have been doing it from day one


i realy hope the star vr one still comes out… i realy need rgb oled and a wide field off view

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with a 5.5 inch panel effective resolution per degree would be reduced, and the form factor of this sony panels is not suited for VR so not yet ;_)

I am sorry but is there any reason why we need another Pentile-LCD 8K…?

Isn’t there a way to project the image on a surface instead of having to rely on panels?

4K HDR OLED. We need a better version of the Pimax XR. The 1440p Samsung panel in the XR is nearly 4 years old now. There must be better options available

Oops, I thought you were talking about XZ2 Premium. Sorry about that.
However that is just long 1644P panel anyway.
If Pimax cut it down to set aspect ratio of 16:9, that becomes 2925x1644 5.2" display.
Seems like not a big deal to make 8K XR.

Is it PenTile or RGB ?