What is the contrast like on Pimax 5K+ and 8K vs WindowsMR LCD HMDs

I would like to know what is the contrast like on Pimax 5K+ and 8K comapared to the Lenovo Explorer and the other Windows Mixed Reality LCD headsets? (this question does not include the Samsung Odyssey because it is OLED) Can anyone tell me if it is any better, the same or even worse?

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I owned a Lenovo Explorer about a year ago prior to owning an Odyssey. I found the LCD of the Lenovo to be quite poor in Elite Dangerous and had to use a 3rd party render tool to make the blacks seem black.

Compared to the Pimax 5K+ I would (from memory) rate the Pimax better in contrast. I found the blacks and contrast acceptable during a brief ED test in my Pimax 5K+

Bear in mind this is going from a year old memory of the Lenovo.

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For me, trying the the 5k+ and 8k, also playing with my Lenovo currently. Project cars was about the same on the 5k+ and contrast and colors better on the 8k.

Thanks for the info can I ask what 3rd party render tool you used? Is it Vorpx?


This has replaced what I used at the time.

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Thanks for providing the link :smiley: