What is the best location for a single base station?

while I am waiting for my 5k+ to be shipped, I have ordered a single htc base station to be used for playing X-Plane11.
What would be the best location for this single base station to get 6 DOF while being seated? I do not plan to use controllers, since I want to use my yoke and rudder pedals.
Thanks for your advise.

When I was redecorating and only had the one base station working, I placed mine on a tripod just to the side of my monitor. That provided me with perfect tracking (on my Vive) for Elite Dangerous. As long as it’s mounted on something that’s not going to move, and it points roughly at where your head’s going to be it should work.

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Thank you for your reply!
At the moment I have my TrackIr camera mounted on top of my monitor. Do you think that mounting the base station next to the TrackIr camera on top of my monitor would work? I am a bit concerned about the short distance between the base station and the Pimax HMD. I could also mount it next to the monitor if that would improve the forward/aft motion of my head.

Thank you!

If you are sitting at a normal distance from your monitor (2-3 feet, 0.5-1m) then you are probably too close. Mounting anywhere on your desk is probably too close. Your best be is proabably to mount the sensor closer to the ceiling above your monitor (for the best tracking). If you go to far to the side it will only be able to see half the sensors and it won’t see any of them if you turn the other way.

I had mine on an extended tripod to the left of my screen, and it was above head height pointing down. I didn’t have any problems with tracking.

Thank you both for your inputs!
Much appreciated.

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