What is that? black areas

The Photo is taken from the game “the price of freedom”, which is unity based. As you can see, in the left eye there is a black area which should not be there. There are some other games which show similar phenomena. You can play them, the impairment is not too high, but still it should not be there. What is that? I didn’t have that on the Vive and I suppose that has to do with the bigger FoV of the pimax.

here another 2 Photos, taken from “Vanishing realms”. This time the area is not black but darkened. It appears left or right eye depending on the perspective.

Edit: I just remember: the game “VTOL VR” had these phenomena as well. Then came an update on 18.6.2019. After that they were gone.

The version of Unity3D that the game is built on has been updated to v2019.1, which among many things includes an updated PhysX engine over what the game was previously built on (v2017.1). This brings substantially improved CPU performance when there are many aircraft flying in missions.

So it will just have to do with the outdated unity engine.