What happened to the Forum? And when will we get a Kickstarter update?

Just wondering why the forum was down.
Glad it’s up again.

And it has been a full month since we got our last update, isn’t it time for an update Pimax?


Founders update on having all the componets was this month.

Then @deletedpimaxrep1 addressed the leak & stated around the end of july or early August new test units will be shipped to some testers.


Hi Heliosurge,
June 29, 2018 was the last kickstarter update
In June we got 3 updates, May 2 updates, April also 2 updates. Not a single update in Juli… so far.

Do you mean this post? http://community.openmr.ai/t/m1-closed-beta-update-0712/6993
She said: We will ship the new hardware to some of the testers soon.
(Could be 3 days later for all we know, or maybe for them 3 months is ‘soon’, as a matter of speaking).
Also she didn’t adressed the leak. atleast not in that post. maybe in another post? i missed it then.

Anyway i was asking Pimax when they will give a new Kickstarter Update, It would be fantastic to know if we could (for example) “expect within two months the first shipments”, or if not a “unfortunately don’t expect it in the next 3 months” update. That kind of info would be welcomed don’t you think? It’s not asked too much to be transparant. they have been transparant for months, but the last month all of a sudden not anymore. thats not good in my opinion.


Hi @Front , we will give an update this week.

We did some surveys last week to help with the closed beta:


Thanks @deletedpimaxrep1. I look forward to read it.


About the leak was simply to trust official channels. The leak was a biased one showing no progress & designed to create chaos. Which I can say very proud of our community here as it was not as effective as it was intended.

The community handled the leak exceptionally. Some of the testers were instrumental in helping to calm the outside vr community.


Yay! Can’t wait! :smile:
I hope it’s positive!


Here is something I think we take for granted here.

Pimax team is Chinese. I don’t think folks realise just how much @deletedpimaxrep1 does & the respect she should receive from all involved.

Xunshu has been our goto pimax team member on this project.

She has been juggling meetings with her team.

  • Translating English 2 chinese for her team.
  • Translating chinese to english for backers (updates etc)
  • Translating Testers reports to pimax techs & vice versa.

As well as other duties in her position. This is very time consuming & daunting. To make things worst; she gets flack here & posdibly from her team as well.

We need to exercise understanding & patience with the above in mind. We are dealing with an emerging company in an international setting. It’s never easy to find always the right words when it’s not in one’s native tongue.


I only asked Pimax when we would get a Kickstarter update again, and why the forum was down. 2 perfectly normal questions, relax mate.
Xunshu replied and i thanked her. What are you talking about all? leaks, way offtopic, and defending Xunshu as if i offended her or something… ?!

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You misunderstand me. Not trying to aggravate you. More of general post to help folks see a larger picture of misperceptions.

I apologise as I didn’t intend what I posted to appear as an attack. Truth I have seen a lot of folks (more outside then in) in forums criticizing pimax constantly about communication. While being okay with big corporations giving consumers very little respect.

But no it’s not off topic for your request or my attempt to help folks understand the scope of the situstion.

A search will show how often ppl request updates in multiple threads.


ok, no problem. no hard feelings.
It is however understandable people like to be informed, i gues every kickstarter project has to deal with that. afterall that’s a bit the idea behind kickstarter, something they would not have to deal with if they produced it themself and then released it. Also it has been postponed twice so it’s all understandable people want information. and i’m sure they are working hard, no doubt about that. i have no problem if it takes longer so that it results in a good headset, but i also would love to know what is the expected duration of it.

I have a Vive for example, so easier to wait, and thats also 1 reason i bought the Pimax 8K headset. can use the lighthouses, controllers.
In 1 or 2 months you can buy the Vive wireless adapter. If i have my Pimax headset by then i would maybe not buy the vive wireless adapter. maybe/hopefully i wont ever use my Vive headset again, so why would i… but if i know Pimax needs atleast 6 more months then i maybe do would buy it… you know? so yeah its not weird people want to know the situation.


I’m in a similar boat and a pimax release date would be the key , I want a wireless preferably that can do HTC vive pro and Pimax , or maybe (hopefully ) just pimax if it’s released in a few months or just Vive pro if we have to wait til next year

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hello xunshu, can I expect glasses this year?

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Thank God you replied! I thought you guys had closed down or something. Was starting to get worried :slight_smile:

I personally think so, the testers and the team are working so hard for the product.


We have solid progress this week, so I’ll give more info other than “we are working hard on resolving issues”


That’s good to hear. Will there be any information on the controllers this week also?

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not yet, still about the top priority headsets.


Thanks xunshu… can’t wait for the update

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Thanks for the info. I appreciate all your hard work.You guys are building the future of VR. I can’t wait to see it. :smile: