What gift would you like most for the $2m stretch goal?

Hi futurists,

As you may have noticed, we haven’t released the gift for the $2 million stretch goal yet. That part was left empty because we would like to hear from you, our core backers.

We have prepared the gifts as below for you to choose from:

  • Coupon for the wireless module

  • Coupon for the eye tracking module

  • Coupon for the inside-out tracking module

  • Coupon for a super module to turn 8K PC VR into all-in-one 8K mobile VR (like Google Daydream)

Let us know your ideas!

Best regards,
The Pimax Team


How does rhe coupon work?

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Kickstarter backers can get the module with discounted price.

1 vote for eye tracking.

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Coupon for the wireless module for me.

I also want the wireless module too

Wireless module :slight_smile:

Judging by the comments/requests on Kickstarter, it’s going to be between Wireless Module and Eye Tracking

Go Go Wireless!!

1 vote for wireless module.

For me personally, I would prefer the eye tracking module, assuming it is compatible with the prescription lens frames. If it isn’t, I might take a closer look at what the wireless option is. I already have the FOVE 0, so I should have the opportunity to play around with eye tracking either way, and I’m well aware that actual foveated rendering with dynamic placement based on eye tracking is still a ways off. It’s not that it’s terribly complicated; you’d just do double or more the number of render targets (low and high resolution regions), add occlusions to the low resolution to reduce overdraw where it overlaps the high resolution buffer, merge the two in the lens warping shader… but it’s a game engine level change. It would be injectable like some do with stereoscopic rendering in the first place, but it’s still going to take a while and will have spotty support.

Wireless is the option I think has the widest applicability because it doesn’t require application support, but it’s a moderate convenience. The cost, even with a discount, is likely to make most people back off; and a few others just won’t accept the quality compromises, even if they’re not so noticeable. I’m fairly impressed by what TPcast accomplishes, but unhappy about how; things like no support for the microphone, and the ethernet connected router. As I sit at the top tier with the 8K X, it’s likely the adapter wouldn’t even work with that model.

As for the inside out module, I personally don’t have the space to need more than two lighthouses, and it raises another question of how that module works with the controllers. It would be convenient for people who can’t mount the lighthouse base stations conveniently or bring the headset to different places for demonstrations, primarily. I’ve already sacrificed weight for the full resolution support.

About the “super” module, mobile VR can’t compete on sheer power budget; PC VR backpacks barely do. Given the Pimax 8K is a high end headset, I’m not sure of the utility, though I do think aiming to support more platforms is a good idea. I have one and think Daydream aimed too low with its rotational only tracking. Personally I think the way forward is a platform independent API such as OSVR in smaller devices; I think my cellphone in particular already has DisplayPort over USB type C.

In summary, for general utility I think the wireless module wins out, but only barely. I personally want the eye tracking module more. Offering a choice (say, a coupon applicable for any one of the options) would naturally be best for us backers, as the reasons differ; someone may need the tracking module due to an irregular playspace, someone else may be super keen on running mobile VR titles but not with screen door effect.


Wireless. And a bright sunny day.

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Coupon for the wireless module

Wireless module +1 for me as well

Wireless like this ? : TPCAST REVIEW - SHOULD YOU BUY IT? | HTC Vive Wireless Virtual Reality - YouTube (TPCast)
no, thank you :smile:

plus 1 for eye tracking module

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Wireless module for me

Coupon for any module we choose.


wireless coupon here.

Wireless module. I’m pretty sure the eyetracking is going to fail, too complicated to get it right and no SteamVr support, or at least 0 apps/games supporting it. The wireless module on the other hand seems like a nice idea.

Then again, I also wonder how you guys are going to do wireless for the 8k X. I mean you’re talking 64 Gbit/s, how are you going to push that over wifi ? 802.11ac is just 2 Gbit/s actual speed. I know it was already a huge challenge to make the Vive wireless, this is even WAY more challenging.


+1 Coupon for the Wireless Module please.
Thank You.

For those worried 8K or 8K-X cannot do wireless 4K video streaming…

Asus RT-AC88U Wi-Fi router already supports 5.3 Gbps which easily supports 4K Video streaming over 802.11ac. For comparison, a Netflix 4K video stream is only 25 Mbps.


802.11ac Wi-Fi is already superseded by 802.11ax.
This should be up to 4x faster than 802.11ac.


Coupon for the wireless module would be great since I canceled my order for the TPcast wireless for my Vive to apply towards the Pimax 8K X. Just hoping it would also work with the 8K X model.
Thank You Pimax team.

1 vote for eye tracking just because I think wireless module can burn your head (like mobile phone microwaves):scream:.