What games would you like to see tested with the M1?

Maybe I missed it and Xunshu already specified what games will be tested but if testers can test any games what games would you like to see tested?
Personally I would like to see Xplane11 tested as this will be my main goto for VR use and it is currently highly demanding and uses SteamVR. (only uses main core but is soon moving to Vulkan)
But also other fixed seating games such as race games PC2 or Assetto Corsa where currently the low res and SD make it difficult to pick out corners or identify cars ahead.

What games would you like to see tested and why?

Well i believe i speak for everyone when i summarize this way:

  • ELITE DANGEROUS (text and small tell tales/indicators/labels game, darkness of the space in contrast to luminous stars/ small far details and objects that are invisible in the current generation etc)
  • Sairento VR (tracking, hertz problem/to see if 82hz will be enough for a fast paced game)
  • Fallout 4 VR (small details, text, tracking, smoothness in a hefty/hungry game)
  • Skyrim VR (same as above, but to a lesser degree)
  • Virtual Desktop (to end once for all the enigma “Will i be able to use it as a monitor?”)

And that´s that.


Racket fury table tennis
Arizona Sunshine
Lone Echo(revive)
Project Cars 2


… moa p0rn!


Maybe try whether VorpX works with it. Running something like Mount and Blade - A wide field of view should be helpful when overlooking a battlefield. :7


I would be happy just with Lone Echo.


I play DiRT Rally and Rec Room the most, so those are the two I’d like to see tested, however, I held off playing single player games until a more immersive HMD came around, so any of the Top ~20 single player games on Steam would work for me.

Pancake games using Virtual Desktop or Bigscreen would be a good test, along with adding something for 3D like Tridef VR.

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Iracing , Assetto Corsa, race cars in general…


DCS. For obvious reasons.


Payday 2 because it’s be nice to see who’s at my 3 o’clock shooting me.
Pavlov vr, same as above.
Fallout 4 vr and skyrim because that’s something I’ve wanted since I backed this hmd one thousand years ago
VorpX because what fun is it playing flat games in 3d on a 100ft screen if you can’t see a wide field of view? Also vorpX has strong potential if supported properly, to run flat games at 180fps with brain warp. Which obviously would only be viable for older gen games, but…3d rocket league at 180fps is viable indeed.
Big screen beta to see if it’s now fun to enjoy vr movies.

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  • Lone echo
  • Robo recall
  • Nature Treks
  • DCS
  • Bigscreen
  • YoutubeVR

But whatever the game, I would like to see it tested by someone who played it extensively in OCR or Vive.
So we can have different testers testing different games.


Project Cars 2 please.

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Yes I would like to hear comparisons as that will give a good idea of where we are.
It would also be great if the few testers communicated to give as wider range of games and tests as possible.

Big Picture would be nice. I’d also like to see Redout.

Assetto Corsa and iRacing then videogames

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Assetto Corsa
Dirt Rally
…because that’s what I play.

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How the hell has no one mentioned onward yet!
For obvious reasons, being able to see targets far away much more clearly and and if someone pops up on your sides you should notice it.
I believe players with the 8k will have a clear advantage compared to regular vive oculus users.


I vote for:

  • DCS
  • IL2 BoX

My list:

Elite Dangerous
Project Cars 2
Arizona Shunshine
Raw Data
Skyrim VR

The Lab
Lone Echo
Robot Recall
Google Earth
Virtual Desktop