What games do better on Pimax HMD??

We hope to provide better suggestions for new users. Are there any big guys willing to share favorite games and the settingson 8KX /8K /5K+?
Also,Is there a game developer?? :wink:

Hello Hammerhead_gal. We had several treads with this same subject. Maybe developers were not included, but this is another story.

Maybe if you get some more support from Pimax programmers for developers, that would be great. Just look i.e. this tread
Maybe developers have already enough data, but if you make some guide for them, more simple, and directly explained how to implement canted displays in vr programs - that would be hammer!


Developers need the correct tools, updated regularly and supported. The Unreal plugin has effectively been abandoned at this point.


I use it mainly for MSFS2020 and I am pretty certain one of the Osobo developers uses a Pimax.

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Back to the first question:
The favorite games are Simulations, like Elite Dangerous, Asetto Corsa and DCS
The reason is the large FOV, which makes it realy nice.

On the other hand a large FOV is not good for fast actions, where you are focused to a small region, like Beat Saber ( they come only from one direction) and also most shooters like Pavlov / Onward / CS / etc. while the graphic card can’t follow up fast game play, which will lead to “droped” frames. such game might be playable with a small FOV, but that’s not why you buy a PiMax

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Favorite games on my Pimax 5K+? hmmmm

All of them :grinning:


Elite Dangerous.

“Marble Land” is an enjoyable 3D puzzle game that shows off the HMD’s capabilities quite well.

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