What do you think this is? (New Pimax stuff)

From the Pimax Twitter :
What it could be? Red Silicone thingy? Or some …toy for VR? lol ?


It’s a giant lipstick… :wink:

Or a “flesh light”… :smiley:


„tube“ for the silicone sleeve I guess.


well with the headset in the background it is obviously some sort of accessory… but i’m having a hard time imagining what it could be. I don’t think it’s big enough to be a protective casing for an optical cable or something.

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Or prescription lens?

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SMAS extension to turn it into DMAS?


It might be big enough for that, it’s not how I’d imagine them packaged but I guess it should work.

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They stuff the sleeve in tubes like that.
It‘s just a more fancy looking tube for the same thing. Saw them on a couple of unboxing videos.


Yes but in the backer box we had some hard cardboard kind box that is way enough for this.
BTW, I ordered a sleeve few weeks ago and it came without any kind of box.

yeah no tube for the separately bought sleeve and the cardboard tube actually looked more premium than that plastic thingie, so not sure why’d replace it.

A water bottle?


Here @VoodooDE pulling the sleeve out of a tube like that, which was included in his backerkit.

but since the box is red and states „new“
my swing on(drumroll):
an actual working sleeve that can be used with the hand tracker finally in an stylish wrapping for us to buy again.


New might indicate a new version of something known.

Sleeve might be it but would be lame to tease like this. Maybe a sort of spray?

I’m still hoping on an optical cable but maybe it’s a very lightweight USB3 cable for the eye tracker?

Fleshlight is still on the table, Asian size of course


made my day, again. pimel for president :slight_smile:


Credit for the Fleshlight remark goes to…


Yes, but this mean sweet little implication remark just boosted it to my particular liking.


I think it’s a counter balance weight which (because with the new mas variations the hmd is now so heavy, annoying) is sold to us by pimax as an exclusive premium add-on because you can alter its weight by pouring water in it.

In reality it’s just a water bottle. :crazy_face:


how about the smell extension?
you need two of them and shove them up your nose …
(we will need to shorten the way to the receptors for a fast response, you will get used to it when you use it often enough)

or maybe the new design proposal for the Sword controllers (you can squeeze them - aka finger tracking - and push one button with our thumb)

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If you’re fed up with being figuratively screwed around by pimax…good news! You can now be literally screwed around by them. Requires 2xAA batteries (not included).


DMAS speakers? Wireless module? New cable? Better lenses? Better foam?

Pimax has hinted at a lot of things lately.

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