What do you make of this?


From the comments it is something software related and not from Microsoft.

Maybe something to accompany the Valve Knuckles on launch. Not HalfLife though.

Maybe Foveated rendering support in SteamVR ???


Interesting find (20charactets)


Seems like the release of a specific VR game to me


That would not be a very profound moment imo. But this guy might be a drama queen haha


Probably 16K lightfield porn


No - THAT would probably be the end of human kind.
No longer sufficient real interaction to secure the reproduction to keep us around for more than another 4, 5 generations… :wink:

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There’s always the use of turkey baisters to ensure we carry on lol

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Man becomes extinct through lust. Women continue on, Christmas is a double celebration.

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Some people saying he’s talking about Astro Bot? Release date seems to line up. I wanted it to be foveated rendering lol. Or something from Valve…

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It better not be a game. Sick of all these click bait announcements :wink:


What if it’s one of Valves 3 new VR games? Wouldn’t that excite you?

I agree. If it’s a game that guy is gonna get a sudden plummet in his reputation.

He seems to think it will be as profound as Mario 64 which he calls a platformer which I found odd as there are no platforms in that game. Urgh, I don’t know. And yeah, click bait seems to becoming an art form, perfected by Magic Leap.

They’re releasing an emulator for Super Mario 64 on the Vive.


If we can do that then I would actually like a MAME style VR sand box where you can build your own memorable building then fill it with game machines each tied to a ROM. Multi-user with high scores of course.

That would be:

  • Green Beret
  • Bomb Jack
  • Dig Dug
  • Ghosts n Goblins

Ahh the memories of dodging school just to beat a high score. Will add Lemmings too as that was a profound PC moment for me. @spamenigma could never beat me! lol


“right this plan will work…” <uuurgh…uuurgh…uuurgh> “FK! my lemmings!!!”

grrr… nearly every time you managed to send some sort of ninja lemming to sabotage me!!


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Trying not to snigger was a gargantuan effort. Stuck with me all these years :slight_smile:

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Yep. Lame.


Edit: Dunno how to add urls properly, as you can see.

Seems its as some on Reddit speculated… Sony ‘Astro bot’… meh!

Well, I suppose I’m not knocking the game…looks ok/fun for an exclusive platforms platformer and it’s one of many ways to utilise VR.

Hype wise though… I didn’t know or have any awareness of this guy before…but I at least know to ignore anything he says in future…

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Just seen Pimax continues to struggle with 8K VR headset, offers 5K Plus instead | VentureBeat written by the same guy…

Seems pimax are doing a 5G+ model too! can we get a comparison with the 8K and 5K+? :wink:

Also apparently pimax reduced the 8K from 85hz to 80hz “so computers could push enough pixels to fill the displays!”… now you know!

And they are shipping the headsets within a month!

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Bah. Sensationalism is getting out of hand