What causes eye strain?

My eyes are starting to hurt. I experimented with IPD today and my eyes started to hurt and tire. Never experienced this before. Is it just IPD issues that cause this?

Here is a reference to a previous discussion in case someone missed it.


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I think it’s very subjective ,
eg if I use the og vive with the gear lens mod I can play for hours with total comfort but the same mod with a vive pro and I get eye strain after a few hours , I’ve tried loads of adjustments like all ipd settings , slightly angling the lens more cross eyed or boss eyed ,lens further away /closer to the panels / angling up and down a bit and all possible configuration files but have given up , yet other people have no problem with vive gear mod

Problem is often that trying all these different mods probably induces some eye strain so I have to leave it alone for a while between every test

Hoping the pimax suits my strange eyes

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@Tyleristall: question - do you notice anything being wrong when wearing the headset, I mean right-away in the sense that it just isn’t feeling entirely natural in terms of the view, the convergence ? While with a Rift or Vive or whatever you might have used before it was feeling more natural ?


I was adjusting the IPD quite a bit so that could have been it.

I was experimenting with IPD so it was probably the cause. Also, Elite Dangerous is rendering slightly different images in each eye. The shadows in my right eye are not as pronounced so it causes a weird reflective/shine quality when looking through both eyes. My right panel has a light leakage (ish) problem and it might be defective overall. It’s image isn’t quite as good as the left.

I havent had time to try many other games but I did manage to look at the blu (freaking amazing with Pimax) and Pirate Trainer (much more enjoyable due to FOV). Did not notice anything in these two games.