What can we expect and wish from a future Pimax 8K-X HMD?

Hi all.

I have some doubts for a future Pimax 8K-X HMD.
A few years ago I built a gaming PC that cost me about € 2000 (a large outlay for a PC, in my opinion) and the current components have gone up a lot of price, I have some doubts when purchasing my PRIMER viewer VR.

My PC currently consists of the following components:

  • GPU: Gigabyte Geforce GTX 980 Ti Extreme Windforce
  • CPU: Intel Core i7 5820K Processor 6/12
  • RAM: 32GB DDR4
  • SSD: Samsung 860 Evo 4TB (purchased later)

I currently play in Ultra all NON-competitive games at 1080p (I play on a 32-inch FullHD TV) and I don’t have too many problems to reach 60fps in most games. Of the most demanding I have are Skyrim S.E. with ENB Photorealistic, 4K textures, Enhanced Lights and FX and many other mods, and ARK Survival Evolved, I also have Fallout 4 but I have not modified or tried it yet.

Since the current HMDs don’t convince me for their low Fov and other issues such as controls and tracking (Vive and Oculus have low resolution and too much SDE although the price is not bad, the Vive Pro are too expensive, the WMR have a poor tracking system, although the Samsung Odyssey or Plus have fantastic screens but do not sell them in Europe), I prefer more to the Pimax.

I’m still not willing to buy Pimax because:

1- I find it very expensive to be just the HMD
2- Controls and base stations still not sold (I am not willing to acquire the 1.0 BS or the current wands, only 2.0 BS and Knuckles)
3- They still have problems to solve, both in hardware (especially the 5K +) and in software
4- I can’t try it before deciding to buy it or not

My question is about the overall performance of my PC with the Pimax, taking into account that a 1080 Ti is a bit fair and a 2080 Ti still can not reach the maximum performance in them, and let’s not talk about a 980 Ti.
I am also aware that the input signal of the Pimax 5K/8K is 2x1440p, much higher than a simple 1080p, and my graphics card could not assume so much power required in such high qualities that take advantage of the resolution of the glasses.

My questions about 8K-X as well as ideas for them are the following:

1- If the input signal outside of FullHD instead of 1440p would be less demanding for my graphics card? And even less with BrainWarp activated?
2- Upscale from 1080p to 4K would it give a graphic quality superior than native 1440p or 1440p upscaled to 4K?
3- These glasses could have a more modern scaler to upscale 2x1080p (or accept several other input resolutions) to 2x4K and also the possibility of direct input of native 4K signal without going through the chip scaler with, for example, just touching a button? Thinking of a future in which graphics cards support this native resolution 2x4K.
4- And if the screens were 4K RGB of very high PPI/PPD it would already be orgasmic

If this were the case, I would not have to spend another € 2000 to replace graphic card, processor and motherboard + another € 1300 or more in VR glasses with SteamVR Knuckles controllers and 2.0 base stations. I would save € 2000, but then I would be willing to spend more money of € 1500 on a higher VR glasses (8K-X).

Other ideas that I have about the 8K-X are that it could have the mobile screens along with the lenses for a correct adjustment of IPD without distortions (as already being discussed in the forum) and a better quality and ergonomics casing. The lenses I deduce are good and are of good quality.

Thank you very much for your help and your opinions, and apologize for this long text.
I hope you enjoy reading as much as I do in writing it.


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The only things I can answer are:
2 - You have to upscale from 1440p they have said they would look into upscaling from 1080p but nothing more.
3 - The 8KX doesn’t have a scaler that the entire point of it existing.
4 - They are using the same panels as the 8K. According to them no other panel meets the SDE and HZ they want.

Well depending on Games the 980 ti actually does well. Ie SkyrimVR has been tested with mods. But a 1080 is a better min gpu overall.

Although we haven’t seen it yet it might be possible on the 8k. Otherwise in steam you can lower the SS% to undersample.

On the 8kX if it uses Analogix’s new bridgechips they have built in flex scalers to support lower resolutions. Granted you would still need 2 display inputs.

In general the price may seem high for headset only but in perspective on par with Vive Pro & you get more in terms of immersive Value.

As for Lighthouses (am waiting) if your not on the go or planning on huge more tham 4 LH setup. Version 1 is a better deal. Tracking 4 example is the same. Version 1 LHes with both v1 peripherals & v2 tracking peripherals. Where as v2 LHes only compatible with version 2 tracking.


What you want is the 8k+, not 8k X.

Upscaled but at 1080p to 4k and full rgb strip, but i don’t think theres a 4k full rgb lcd screen at 5" which goes to 80/90hz yet

Oled variants of the 8k, 8k+ and 8k x (8K XR, 8k+ XR, 8KX XR) cant be made yet because theres supposedly no suitable or dense enough oled screens.

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There is no 8k+ even mentioned. So no point mentioning what atm is pure fantasy. Like 5k rgb oled.

After all wouldn’t mind a Ryzen 4000 series cpu with Hbm3 Lol

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It goes without saying that pimax may very well continue releasing headsets to whatever configurations are available. After all there was no plan for 5k pentile oled XR headsets, just the 5k, 8k and 8kX initially planned and BE variants were initially no different they just provided a business liscence.


5k oled pentile was offered during kickstarter but no one paid extra for the option resulting in clpl version only being initially released.

8kX had no Business version planned as it was a prototype run & why at the time limited to 400 units.

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I think this form factor should be put to rest. Create a new headset.

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Indeed, but the 8k + is not entirely out of the question here. Neither are full rgb oled variants of the 5k+, 8k, 8kX and 8k+ when the oled screen tech becomes available.

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But those are hypothetical like Future variants of Amd & Intel cpus. Much like home computers with Quantum cpus. Nothing in future is out of the question. :beers::wink::+1::sparkles:

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Today is pie day…

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It’s not that far fetched seeing as its the same tech with different screens, minus the 8k+ which could receive a 1080p rendering pipeline. It seems like the logical progression of things when the tech comes available and the more models the better, more potential sales.

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Yes and we have a user willing to experiment swapping screens ehen one is available.

For that matter we could likely use the Razer Phones Qhd lcd Igloo with 120hz screens in the 5k+. But atm we need to go with known models instead of inventing new possible ones.

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Might as well license NVIDIA’s tech AI upscaling in the panel if they want to push low 1080p data… but they will need the processing power to run the AI algo…might not be that expensive.

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The latest official statement about the status of the 8K-X I am aware of is this.

They’ve got a prototype but all the technical specs except for the resolution maybe can still change.


This you say in any case if they are already making it, although I doubt it. Enough work still remains to polish the 5K + and the 8K. If they plan to manufacture it later, the technology that now does not exist may be available in the future.
They do not have to resign themselves to do what they promised, since many things have changed in the 5K and 8K since the Kickstart (they have gone from 90Hz to 80Hz in the 8K, the new 5K+ and 5K XR have appeared…), nothing prevents the 8K-X from being totally different or much better when they go on sale.

I have never mentioned OLED screens, they may be of some variant of LED, although of a superior range (RGB, better colours, better brightness …).

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The option to change my Intel CPU for an AMD does not rule it out, but for now I will not change anything on my PC before I know what I’m going to use it with. I will wait for the subject of VR to evolve a little more and satisfy my needs.

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Indeed atm imho with cpu & gpu in flux. Better to save & wait. With Pci-X v4.0 or maybe skipped to pci-X 5. Definitely an idea to hold off upgrading til this stablizes.


It seems interesting, although the duration is more than 1 hour. Now I’m at work and I do not have too much time to see it. Are you so kind as to indicate the exact time (minute and second) where they talk about the 8K-X model? I would be very grateful :grin:

The information about the 8K-X is only 3-4 minutes, I’ve already forwarded it to the 52 min mark.