What about the Pimax 5K?

So I’m really interested in 200 FOV and would be happy with the simpler version of the new Pimax HMD. (I will wait for 8K 90Hz until later even though I have a 1080ti videocard.)

So I saw the 5K version mentioned but no discussion, or even a forum channel about this. Is it a good alternative? Will it stretch 5K to 200 FOV, meaning it will have worse pixel density than the Pimax 4K?

Should be comparable to StarVR. The 5k uses oled like the BE model so probably some noticeable sde & such.

But should still be fairly nice.

As per the “frequently asked questions” thread:

"What display you use for Pimax 8K/5K?
We use customized low persistence liquid (CLPL) display. "

So the 5k uses the same CLPL display as the 8K. OLED is an option.

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But what about pixel density, it must be stretched apart to fill 200 FOV, right? Increasing screendoor effect?

Not necessarily. It may well be that the fill ratio on the 5K is better than on the 8K because it has lower physical resolution (PPI). And it’s almost certainly less screen door effect than any matching resolution OLED panel. However, I haven’t seen any current comparisons, so it’s largely rumour still.

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Thanks for the correction was still thinking from earlier info. My bad.

I don’t quite understand that. But I also don’t know what type of screen a 5K screen is.

Lets do this.

@PimaxVR @anon23564932 can you post the 5k model specs on display panel



There is apparently 2 panel type options.

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PPI is one factor. Subpixel area and pattern are far more important to aliasing effects like SDE. Most OLEDs, but not all, are missing a full third of the subpixels, and those that remain are tiny. A microscope image showing a few pixels in focus is far more telling, for instance: https://www.google.com/search?tbm=isch&q=oled+microscope


SDE in 5K model is better than oculus CV1 but worse than Pimax 4K
the 5K Panel’s PPI is round 490,

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8K Panel’s PPI is 806. if you really care about SDE, then get the 8K

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490 ppi on the 5k stretched over 200 degrees? Probably has Rift CV1 levels of SDE at that FOV.

490ppi per panel i believe.

So about 980 ppi total. Thats only 174 PPI higher than the 806 ppi of the Pimax 4k.

In my opinion, pimax would be better off collaborating with Microsoft to release the pimax 5k as a windows mixed reality headset.
If so, we’ll get a headset with the potential to replace the monitor.

Do you have any plans for this?:wink:

correct here,
5K’s panel PPI is around 530


@PimaxVR Is the sub pixel arrangement rgb stripe or pentile in the 5k?


Can you please confirm the numbers you’ve presented? Because first you said 5K is 490 PPI and then later you said 5K is 530 PPI.

Can you therefore verify these numbers:
PiMax 4K : 530 PPI
PiMax 5K : 490 PPI
PiMax 8K : 806 PPI

(these numbers are pixels per inches, therefore it shouldn’t matter if it’s stretched over the large FOV or if we’re talking about multiple panels - per inch means how many pixels are there if we take a random sample size of an inch anywhere)

If there’s a correction, please include it in your reply. Thank you.

The 4k model has 806 ppi.

Remember this is per panel. The 8k for example has 2 806 ppi panels.

Have you seen Nvidia’s cascaded display idea?