What about glasses wearers?

Hello !

I am a backer on Kickstarter (Pimax 8K).
I read on reddit feedbacks from the V3 of the Pimax 8K in New York City.
I’m worried because I’ve read that the space between the eyes and the lenses has diminished a lot between V2 and V3.
The problem is that I am an eyeglasses wearer and I can’t do VR without glasses.
Is there somebody with glasses who tested the V3 ?

I can’t keep my pledge if I can’t use my glasses.

I mailed support@pimaxvr.com.The answer was :
“As you know, Pimax 8K initially have already left enough room for users with wearing glasses. V3 uses a bit thinner sponge mat to get wider FOV. But then we are still testing kinds of thickness to
obtain the optimal effect in further modules, no worries. Furthermore, the customized prescription frame as a gift of $1,500,000 in Kickstarter will also be a second choice for you.”

I hope the space will be enough to wear my own glasses…
Indeed, for my HTC Vive the people of VR Lens Lab (who sell prescription frames, https://vr-lens-lab.com/) said that they can’t put the lenses with the power I need in the frame they sell, because my prescription lenses are too thick for this type of frame. I’m afraid, I would have the same issue with the prescription VR frame of Pimax.

I’ve no problem wearing my glasses with HTC Vive and PSVR. I didn’t test Oculus Rift.

Any comment of Pimax 8K V3 tester ?

Thank you in advance.


PS : sorry for my bad english, I’m french.


I chime in.
@PimaxVR @deletedpimaxrep1 @Matthew.Xu could you address it before the KS ends?


I went to the NY demo with a buddy who wears glasses. We both tried prototype version 2 of the 8K. My friend didn’t seem to have any issues wearing his glasses.

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The V3 is what has the debatable issue with space between lens and eyes, not v2.


Thank you, but it seems the problem is with the V3

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Yes, the problem is with V3 and I hope it’ll be not present with the V4 and final release product

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I just received another mail from support :

"I have confirmed with one of our hardware engineers again who said that 8K HMD reserves enough space for users with wearing glasses comparing with HTC VIVE, please be advised.

Best regards,
Pimax Support"


The Vive has eye relief adjustment to move the lenses further away for glasses wearers. I wonder how Pimax balances the needs of both groups, so the lenses are not too far away for plain eyes or face shapes with the eyes sitting further back.

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With the vr frames i believe you can have your glasses maker fit your prescription.

@deletedpimaxrep1 @Matthew.Xu @bacon can you confirm vr frames on prescription? & spacing projection on space for glasses? Ie target space reserved for glasses?

We need to lock down the HMD mechanical design first, and then according to the HMD ID to optimize the VR frame, for example V3 added IPD, so we have to change the frame design. and now V3 still need optimizations, still need a little more time. will update later


@bacon But is the space for glasses wearer something which will be certain for the final product ? Because I can’t maintain my Kickstarter pledge if it’s not absolutely sure. I’ve not a lot of time until the end of the campaign. I can’t pledge something I will not be able to use. If you can certify me that there will be approximatevely the same space than other HMD (Vive, PSVR), I’ll keep my pledge without problem.
This space is very important because it’s not sure the “prescription VR frame” will be a solution for person like me who need prescription lenses with a power that could imply lenses too thick for frame.
It’s why I need the guarantee the space will be more as in V2 than in V3.
I don’t need an incredible space, because with Vive, we can set the distance of lenses and I set it at the closest distance between lenses and face and I’ve no problem with my glasses. But it’s a biggest distance than in V3.
Than you in advance

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Frames for prescription lenses are definitely an option, but not a solution. We still need a possibility to wear our own glasses. Also, some prescriptions require particular frames, not everything can be put into VR frames.

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(i use Google Translate )
and if pimax proposes a face cushion fit to the wearer of glasses? bigger face cushion with holes on the sides.
That those who do not wear glasses will have a bigger fov because lenses closer to the eyes.
Many people remove the face cushion from the htc Vive to have eyes closer to the lenses and have a bigger fov.
So, I think that if a face cushion adapted to glasses wearers is put on the V3, then that will go.

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Yeah, this is super important to me as well, I need to know if I can have my glasses on using the 8K. The prescription frames are a fantastic option but I don’t know if my prescription is too thick for those.

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Considering the fact that talked about v3 at exhibitions, there it was not even a place for glasses . People said that their eyelashes touched the screen. So we see that pimax offers a frame in which to insert the lenses for you. Most likely there is no place for glasses

@Bennus Yes it’s the problem, it’s why me and other glasses wearer want to know if it’s an issue of the V3 and if there will be a solution for release version of the 8K.
The frame is not a solution, because some people can’t put in it the lenses they need (and lenses are expensive, I must add 200-300 € for lens, and it’s only this price because I have one eye, for two eyes it’s twice this price for lenses).
We can’t pledge a 500$ project if we can’t use it…

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@okok95 I think it’s a good and easy idea. I agree with you.

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( i use google translator )
And I hope the eye tracking and the customized prescription VR frame will not hide the fov of 200 °

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i hope i could use it with my glasses as well!

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Wasn’t saying the vr frames is the solution against having space for glasses. More to the idea that vr labs couldn’t fulfill his prescription. With having the vr frames its possible to have your glasses maker fit your prescription. :beers::sunglasses::+1::sparkles: