West Coast Weather

Does anyone know what coast the USA shipments are arriving at? Even if Airfreight is used, much of the US is in bad shape weather wise, except for the South and Southeast coasts. Ocean freighters would be safer docking in San Diego about now.I assume to save on shipping costs they are coming via ocean freighter and thats why they are late arriving. Or do they ship via the Arctic Circle? 67XX in Texas and no tracking no yet.

I may be talking out my a$$ here but if I remember correctly the warehouses are east coast or north east.

If that is correct, that’s where some of the worst weather is at the moment. They have had storm after storm after storm. It would be what’s causing any delay in shipping. Lots of overturned and stalled trucks. Aircraft grounded. Hopefully they are farther south along the east coast. I wish i knew where the shipment was. Thanks.

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Same holdups in UK and there’s nothing but a bit of rain here

The warehouses for the US are in upstate NY… I live a couple of hours away from that warehouse. The roads are fine and it’s business like normal.