Well, No Settings yet for MSFS 2020 with a RTX 4090 and 8KX. @WHAT GIVES?@

Come on People how’s it running?

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You might be interested on this video.


pimaxXR Runtime (not steamVR!) no OpenXR toolkit, PP off, Smartsmooth off , Pitool 1.25, 90Hz, DLSS Performance
All Settings Ultra. but medium shadows, LOD 200-300

Small FOV 59-64 FPS
Normal FOV 49-55 FPS

10850k@5.0GHz, 32gb@3800 16c, GB 4090 Gaming OC - stock (95% GPU Load)
You can also use Pitool 1.0 and TAA@130, looks a little bit better, but only 30-40FPS
(small stutters on the ground, if you flight fast and very deep and look to the side.)

Ahh, and i dont use Photogrametrie, only Bing Maps with Autogen and Landmark Adds.
Don’t like that melted lead landscape.


DX11 or 12? HAGS on/off? Game mode on/off? Pitools or Pimax Client?

We are getting there!

DX11, HAGS is only for older GPU, like 10xx and lower. Make more trouble with newer cards.
Game Mode off

„ Pitools or Pimax Client?“ I dont know what you mean? Start from pitools/Gamesettings

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PiTools Hidden area Mask checked or unchecked (makes difference for me)?

PiMax Client:

Download Link :


Hidden area is on, little bit more power. FFR Off… for the client, i am on mac at time… :wink:
could be pitool xxx98 or so. the first with this crapy 3xSmartsmooth. But i dont use smartsmoth anythere.

Edit, ahh, i see, the shop , hmmmm, never touch a running system :rofl::joy: maybe in the future…


Check the Guide Category as there is a nice post there in settings. Use that as a base and with running a new gpu series try upping sone settings after seeing how it fairs.

@PimaxUSA may also have additional tips as I believe he also has a 4090.

In SU11 DX12 I have been able to use Normal FOV at 4700 vertical with DLSS Ultra performance with all options to the max with one exception - Terrain LOD - which heavily impacts the CPU burden. I simply keep that at 150 for most scenes. London and NY get I set it at 120. Everywhere else, say grand Canyon I push it to 300.
My goal has been to have 37.5 FPS at ALL times to maintain motion smoothing.

DX12 has longer frame times and longer CPU times, so I would have though that DX11 is better, but the smoothness is MUCH better on DX12. Basically my GPU frame time in DX12 with DLSS at Ultra will stay within a beautiful narrow range 22-24 ms, such that the benefit of DX12 makes it worthwhile. Where in directX11 it would be 18 ms but spike to 26 and break the motion smoothing and such.

All I know for sure is I can now smoothly run at a resolution that I would never have been able to approach 6 months ago. I did some screen compares of DLSS Ultra vs. TAA vs. DLSS Quality.

And for me I cannot tell the difference overall to an extreme degree when looking at the same FOV. The difference for me is in fact the smoothness and my FPS is slightly better. So ultimately I get better performance from DLSS ultra at 4700 vertical vs. quality at 4100, which produced very similar images and frame times.

I doubt these settings will work for everyone, but It was nice to find a sweet spot where I never miss a frame, the resolution is about as good as I can get with my 8KX, 4090, 12th gen CPU

Large FOV is still broken as it has glitchy frames occasionally, but I have placed a Zendesk ticket with ASobo - please vote it to get fixed here.


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Good morning all

For the hardcore simulation that I do, we absolutely have to change our habits of driving with steam vr and do without steam vr for the pimax /g2/varjo helmets!

Use for mfs 2020 soft open xr and more steamvr .

There are plenty of explanatory videos on youtube to install openxr/opentoolKit/add some #Dll files to no longer have to drive with Steam vr and gain fluidity /fps in Mfs 2020/pimax 8kx with rtx 3090/90T/4090.
And this is possible on lots of simulators that I play like:
MFS 2020
dcs world
Il2 Bob
etc etc

On iracing you just have to install #openXr to drive, launch Iracing and without adding a #Dll file

Very very simple and a significant gain without freeze



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You don’t use #openXr with Mfs 2020 :flushed:

Aplushhss :innocent::+1:t2::+1:t2:

Super INFO and testing Thanx.

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Yea I should have clarified. I use openXr via PimaxXR witht the toolkit
FfR seems broken at the moment so I dont use it.

But yeah basically in Dx12 I can push the resolution such that my gpu has a frametime of 24 and
Then push the terrain lod from between 150 (new york city) to 350 (everest) in order to keep the cpu timings below 24 as well. Then: all day motion smoothimg to 37.5 fps and never look back.

So generally speaking those setting may work for everyone
. If you have poor cpu turn down the lod. Poor gpu turn down the res. Dx12 took alot of the guesswork out of the equation

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What firmware and Pitool version are you guys using for your RTX 4090 OC with the 8KX please?

For me it runs great now with alot off settings on high and ultra on the rtx4090 with a i9 13900k

I use the 1/2 option in pitool at 90hz(so 45fps steady)… And it runs smooth as butter…No motion smoothing enabled…Also without pimaxxr,or open xr toolkit just steam vr…

And i use TAA normal field off view and no parallel projection

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DirectX11 or DX12? I have similar specs and found that the appGPU was much higher - but far more stable with DX12, such that I could actually achieve higher resolutions with DX12 because the frame times were extremely consistent.

Also I’ve found PimaxXR still offers me ~10% overall performance boost vs SteamVR. May I inquire why your have chosen not to use PimaxXR?

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Also using DX 12 at Pimax upscale 114hz at Pitool Render 1.25. Some pretty amazing results with the 4090. 70fps all Ultra and real smooth. Still playing around though. Merry Christmas.

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i did use steam vr because i not needed 10 % fps more(but i must say that i didnt test it enough if the pimax xr realy gives 10fpd more)

And at the 1\2 setting its not realy needed to maintain the steady 45fps(90 hz on the pimax)

I would suggest that people use OpenXR Toolkit to display their appGPU and appCPU during flight to determine whether they are CPU bound or GPU bound. DX12 really smoothed it out for me such that I could tweak the appCPU with LOD slider and appGPU with either the resolution or dlss quality sliders. None of the other settings seem to significantly affect either one, so I crank them, like you, to ultra. Once I balanced the CPU/GPU to have frame times less than 22222 microseconds all day I enjoy 45FPS (on 90hz) with the motion smoothing (I prefer it slightly over the compulsive smoothing). I also find that the 75hz mode allows for more reasonable LODs since you only have achieve frame times of 26666 microseconds, giving the CPU more breathing room for higher LODs, and to my surprise, much higher resolutions.
DLSS is another difficult choice as I can get higher base resolutions - not because DLSS makes anything better graphically - that’s certainly arguable - but because it takes even more off the CPU - again enabling higher LODs.
I don’t find any perfect setting, just a couple balancing acts that are trade-offs, but balancing the CPU/GPU is really easy in DX12 with DLSS on ultra. It’s the smoothness that each of those options add that were surprising to me to be worth more than anything else.
With DX12 and DLSS ultra: If I pick a resolution I can keep the appGPU within a 2000 microsecond window, say 23000 to 25000 - where as with the exact same settings I might have a much better frame time in DX11 - maybe as low as 18000-20000 usually - regrettably even though that seems much better - the variability of that that frame time in Dx11 is far worse - spiking above the 26000 mark on occasion - breaking the immersion.
Although I have a 4090 I don’t have a 13th gen intel - only a 12th - and I also have DDR4 vs DDR5 - so I suppose I’m missing out a bit of what’s out there. I can say I get away with resolutions that I never thought possible previously. For example I was able to run at 37.5 FPS with the LOD slider at 300 over the Grand Canyon with a massive resolution of 7280 x 6000 (which is a base resolution of 2426x2000). I can switch to TAA and get a similar resolution, but it looks worse and the stability of the frametimes is wider.

Large FOV still has the occasional frame glitch and also presents the 2D screens in a way that hides the top and bottom, so I hope that Large FOV is fixed sometime soon because for whatever reason it doesn’t cost nearly as much as it used to to run Large FOV. In fact, I was able to run well at the resolution of 7000 x 4312 with DLSS Ultra on DX12.

In any case, happy flying! Balance the CPU/GPU. Try DLSS Ultra, DX12, and PimaxXR (even if you’re not a fan) and make sure you’re not missing out on better resolutions or LODs with higher stability (less stutters) as I feel that’s the goal.