Weekly Update 22/01/2020

Dear all,

Weekly Update is back!

We did summarize the questions from Pimaxers in this community. So here we go, in effect a bedtime story for you all. If we left out anything of interest to you, we certainly apologize and please kindly slide us a PM.

  1. Spring Festival - Due to Spring Festival (24/01/2020 - 31/01/2020) , the China local courier will be lack of manpower and the packages are unable to deliver to the overseas warehouse, the delivery progress will be slow down. But we do have 5K Plus and 5KXR stock at the warehouse, it doesn’t affect the shipment to your doorplace. This only will effective on the CHINA team, but US, EU and other regions will be in their position as usual.

  2. After Sale Team - Our after sale team (Shanghai Team) will be less responsive due to the holiday, but we will schedule the team (US and other region) to work longer time to prevent any inconvenience. We will trying to manage our team to work on the ticket system/logistic. If you are in urgent issues, you can try to @PimaxQuorra or drop an email at quorra@pimax.com. Hope you do understood the arrangement.

  3. Service Center - We did clarify on the statement “Moving back Service Center back to Shanghai" with UploadVR, below will be the service center map and we are working on the Global Hotline throughout US, Europe, Japan and China. We will announce the hotline soon, and you can reach on us if you got any inquiries.

  4. Coupon/Store Credit - You can redeem the coupon/store credit from our Customer Service team, but please kindly make sure you redeem the right one, as our team will assist you to get it. You can apply for the coupon in different value, as you don’t want to lose any money by using any $100 coupon to purchase $20 product. You can redeem the coupon in sum total $100 (5 x $20 coupons)
    You may submit the ticket at Pimax Support by titled “Redeem coupon for XXXX

  5. Redeem Half-Life Alyx - Once you receive the Index Controllers, you can redeem the game with the code via Steam.

  6. Delivered Packages - We managed to deliver 50units of 8K Plus and 30units of Artisan to our customers from last week until Monday. And we are arranging with the logistic to deliver as much as possible before Spring Festival.

  7. Index controllers and base stations (PLAN F) - We are almost done with United States region, and we will quickly begin with other regions, as we have 360 sets ready stock and scheduling with the logistic team, by February we are expecting to finish 300orders.

  8. Standard / Deluxe MAS - As it said Modular Audio Strap, the speaker is adjustable and variable, you may switch the speaker anytime you want.

Questions? Suggestions? Comments?
Please let us know! We are always here to listen.

Thank you so much for supporting us. We are sincerely appreciate all of the community’s efforts and your patience!

Shoutout to all Pimaxers!


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