Weekly Update 14th January 2021

Weekly Update

January 14 th , 2021

Just a short update this week because we are attending the CES 2021 Virtual Event.

Pimax Exhibiting at the CES 2021 Virtual Event

We have joined the CES 2021 Virtual Event located at CES 2023 - Error, feel free to check it out.

For further information you can also visit this link: https://www.pimax.com/pages/pimax-ces-2021

There a short 5 question survey at the bottom of the Pimax CES information page – fill it out and receive a $30 Pimax coupon!

Pitool Download Link and Firmware Upgrades

Recently we have received reports that some users have experienced an issue when using Pitool to update the headset firmware and update the Pitool version. Our software engineer team is currently analyzing scenarios and developing a solution to this. It is our plan that these scenarios are resolved with the next release.

Here are important links to download Pitool and 8KX firmware:

Pitool link

Firmware 264

8KX Firmware 294

When installing Pitool we highly suggest you do so as administrator (right click the file and select “Run as Adminstrator”) to avoid issues with the Windows 10 firewall and Windows Defender.

Your Pimax Team.