Weekly Update 08/04/2020

Weekly Update 08/04/2020

Dear all, this week update is about some accessories progress. Please take your time and read.

Standard Modular Audio Strap

We have now received a small batch of production testing samples that are used to verify measurements, fit and finish.

A small flaw was determined to exist where the adjustment knob does not have a proper structural seal. Fortunately, this is the only tooling modification we have identified from this batch of samples. After these adjustments are complete we can proceed to our T0 build and run a production baseline test.


Hand Tracking Module Update

The complete design of the hand tracking module electronics and housing assemblies are now officially confirmed and we have proceeded to the fabrication of a high-volume tool. Once the tool is completed, we can proceed to a production baseline volume production test.

This version includes a “fix” where a flaw was corrected that prevented hand motion detection at the extreme edges of the field of view. Now the entire Pimax field of view is covered and in fact motion detection now is wider than the visual field of view.


Eye Tracking Module Update

Some issues were found in the latest production samples that require tooling modifications. In addition, the thin lens also requires a modification to improve visual quality. (The housing is not “hollow” as some have previously mentioned, it contains a thin lens).

We will evaluate and perform further testing once we receive the updated lens. The lens inserts themselves are not tooled as of yet but after we have verified the quality we can proceed to the volume tool stage.


Have a nice day.

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