We created two category for resolve issues from backers better

Dear Backers,

We plan to create two category to solve issues and answer questions more efficiently(diversion of work):

  • 1.Have issue after received headset category for ** @Sean.Huang @Doman.Chen @Alan.sun *(Tedch support team) to answer and resolve backers’ issue ASAP,every topic in this category will be noticed and answered soon(They will visit these topics every day).

  • 2.Didn’t receive the headset but have some questions category for backers who purchase the headset already and waiting for their headset,** @Matthew.Xu * will check and give them their answer every day.

For building these two category,8K Series and 4K category will focus on discussing headset ,pitool improvement and other topics they are interested in.And we will also hold activities for attracting new enthusiasts and stimulate backers to join topics.

Thanks for your support and time for our forum.


So what if my problem is that it was sent to the wrong address?

@Community can change relevant topic you noticed to these two category.

We can solve issues and answer questions better in these two category

Thanks you for your help.

Well thats good news, nice work Pimax and @anon74848233 bro.
By the way, when I will receive my headset? Been saving some games for the Pimax only. Not that I’m in a hurry, nah.


For more backers to know(replied by myself)

Hi Dallas and @Alan.sun @Sean.Huang

Thank you for adding this thread. Any word on my replacement #1618? Thanks!!!


Hi @Matthew.Xu,
Could we have a spreadsheet update, or some information on Hong Kong and Australian shipments?
@anon74848233 has told us that we should have recieved tracking numbers and also suggested we PM him and he can provide them. He has not responded to any PM’s or public questions since though.
The reason we are concerned is that backers as high as 55## have recieved their headsets, but backers as low as 1### and 2### still have absolutely no information.

Can anyone on this forum verify the correct return shipping address to send an incorrectly shipped unit? I have already created SUPEN-1851 but have not received any response.

I want to make sure I am shipping back to the correct address and there is a record of the return.