Was the pixel inversion problem ever fixed?

A while back there was a lot of talk about an issue called Pixel Inversion on the Pimax headsets. Sweviver had explained in detail what it is. It’s a thing on high refresh rate LCD displays and it is basically lines on the screen during movement. I personally had this problem on my 8k, and it really bugged me. I’m hoping this issue is fixed on the 8k X, but I’m not sure. Does anyone with an 8k X have this problem? Thanks. :slight_smile:



I’ve seen it a few times, but it’s barely noticeable and only appears in rare cases. It’s much improved over my 8K, which still only appeared in rare cases (like when you are really close to a star in Elite Dangerous). I think the higher res of the 8KX is helpful here, since the pixels are smaller and the distance between scanlines is less.

Note that it didn’t particularly bother me on my 8K, so to me it’s not an issue.


Good to hear that it is much improved. Too bad it’s not totally gone yet, though.

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True, but imo, it’s not really a problem anymore. Yea, you can see it if you are looking for it, but otherwise it’s easy to ignore, much like the SDE. That was quite noticeable on my 8K and is now just faint pixel edges on my 8KX, which are only visible in bright areas.

Imo, the slight pixel edges is more noticeable than the pixel inversion (and neither is a real issue). At this point, game rendering issues (like alias “jaggies” and object popping) are more distracting than the either panel issue. I should also mention that the jaggies are much reduced, than on my 8K, simply because the pixels are smaller.


I’m an 8K backer too. On my 8KX, there is a pixel inversion. But much less than 8K, and in many cases you won’t notice it.

At 5K+ and 8K, there is a command line type configuration tool called PiShell that helped me to reduce this symptom.

I can say that I have very few symptoms with 8KX, so I’m not inclined to use it (I haven’t even tried to see if this tool is compatible with 8KX).


Ah! I need to say I am very susceptible to sub pixel inversion and have returned quite a few monitors with that exposed. Never noticed it on my 8K though, so I will recheck and compare when my 8KX finally arrives. @Jien1963D, do you have a link for that tool?

I remember creating a support ticket and having it sent to me.

it’s still there (less than on my old 8k due to rgb panels but noticeable), I asked if pimax can give me an updated tool like pi_shell but I didn’t have response

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