WAR DUST 32vs32 battle field in vr

Its on sale at the moment and early access sounds good fun and fast paced if you can get every one in the same area LOL
its going in the cart tonight and would hate for this to go unnoticed 32 vs 32 i can remember when 12 vs 12 was just a dream


Nice find, matey. Damn cheap too!

Buying now :smiley:

EDIT: And bought :slight_smile: It looks like it needs controllers, so that’ll be shelved for now until I can get some. Lost out on 2 Ebay Vive sales so far. I need to be faster, lol


purcashed as well

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the game is nuts , been playing it 5 hours this weekend

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Can this game be played with mouse and keyboard?

I still havnt found the time to give it a go but hopfully soon

I just fired up the game, and had no joy with keyboard and mouse. It looks like controller only. The main menu is definitely for controllers.

Main menu looked excellent on the 8K :slight_smile:

thanks mate… will wait till controllers are available at a better price and then wait for the game to go on sale again then

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When you say controller only ,ps4 or vive

It does not look like War Dust is available on the PS4

Supported HMDs are Vive, Rift, and Windows Mixed Reality.

No i ment which type of controller as some steam games allow use of ps4 controllers or xbox come to think of it ,should be on steam page ,lazy of me to ask really :crazy_face:

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ha just like early battlefield ,pretty good but haven’t got the parachute sorted yet keep falling to my death
i need to get all controls figured before i can get balls deep in it ,respawn (check) endless amo (check ) big maps (check) great fun (double check)

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@SweViver play this on your pimax,its a blast!

Yeah, it’s a nice game. I watched the demo of this game looks cool. One of my friends also plays this game and is totally crashed on this game. Will play this game soon, hope it’s on discount. I have always got my subscription and games from on online store you can dig this here. Cannot wait to buy and play this game.

i like to hear impressions from people with a pimax 8k or 5k plus…How does it look and play?