Want to improve you Pimax experience?

Ditch the supplied head phones.
For me it was a much better fit.
Less nose pain. A lot lighter.
Give it a go, takes five minutes to take of the headphones and plug in a pair (works in the jack sockets on the pimax, stereo)
I was surprised at the difference.

Other pimax "improvement’s " I replaced the foam for the foam of another android vr set. It was a complete foam with nose foam. Big improvement.

If the plastic side holders snap, loop a hair band around the ends and thread you straps through. The elastic hairband gives extra stretch. Both my plastic holders snapped but actually this helped comfort massively. So was not all bad.

Oh and don’t forget to clean those lenses, they can get grubby.

Haha! U mean that u can use one of the audio sockets on the HMD?

Yeah, I used the left one (don’t think it will matter)

Today my oculus arrives. Somebody interested in my Pimax? :slight_smile:

Sweet day to be you ! :slight_smile:
I’m excited to hear if there is a big improvement on the pimax and how the resolution holds up.
Or will the pimax and its upscalled resolution hold up ! (Not likely)

I will chuck this little tip here :slight_smile:

If your Pimax is randomly disconnection or freezing using steamvr try closing piplay after you launch steamvr, seems to stay connected better.

(also saves a bit of memory)

There is no need in piplay software at all. You can start steamvr directly from steam, looks like it properly works and uses piplay resolution settings (2k) although the software is closed. Piplay has always some processes in background.

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what was the name of the replacement foam you used? very interested as the nose bit is killing me when i wear glasses