VoodooDE VR - english version

Thank you VoodooDE for the english version
Much appreciated.


@VoodooDE What fov mode do you use, big or medium?

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In the video he said medium :wink:


Thank you, I try to find on the subtitle, but may miss.

Maybe he do say this in his english video, but he said this in the geman version.


WOW… what a great video!!! Thank you!

You really need to be doing a lot more English videos!


Oh I didnt notice, that someone posted my english channel here :slight_smile:
I cant promise to do much english videos, but I will do from time to time.
Yes, I used normal FOV for the video.


The EliteDangerous comparison is rather odd. I guess nobody will lean forward until not seeing the main instruments anymore.

I guess there will be some advantage by having wide view in some cockpits and a way better experience with orbital lines and details of space objects, but that selected screenshot is rather odd.

What i would expect is that it comes in handy when doing overlays of desktop apps in VR, maybe also watching left/right onto panels to some extend, but that was never an issue for me, like that i would have missed something.


Yup, this is bs…
The real FOV in Vive on default pilot’s position looks like this (and I can see my foots) :


Aw3some video voodoode! Really puts perspective on old to new


Great video and thank you for the taking the time to produce an English version.


Appreciate the english version a lot… thanks!


It all depends on how close you can get your eyes to the lenses, I also see a bit more than this but its close enough. do wonder if he had the lenses screwed in or out though.


It might depend on which ship you are flying. Your pilot seat position (distance to dashboard) varies somewhat. Also, the FOV in ED is adjustable, in the in-game graphics settings (up to ~90°) and in the setup file (edit manually or use EDProfiler utility).


Maybe he is taking into account only what the sweet spot includes? The suggested Vive FOV in this is about what is in focus without moving my head.

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I don’t see it as cheating…it’s an advantage, yes, but the “problem” is quite old actually.
I have a 21:9 monitor and to my suprise lots of games support it without just streching it.
For Honor for example is a dream come true in 21:9

And there are quite many workarounds for games that do not support 21:9, resulting in that certain parts get cut off which is no big deal though in many cases.
There is a very tiny amount of games that do not support 21:9 one or the other way.

Same thing when I remember the good ol 4:3 monitors (which I still hold dear for portait use additionally to my setup)

These are the things that simply change over time. Hell, even having a better rig is an advantage, more power=more depth perception, seeing your enemies earlier.

To sum it up, I would not bother to discuss fairness with a bigger FOV.

I’m not convinced by this video at all. The variation across games of the ratio vive area / pimax area is too big.

If the boxes are correct, then either the vive or the pimax has a bug in the projection matrices it sends to the game.

You can make the experiment yourself: Open notepad, resize the window to match the Vive rectangle on the first game (the racing sim). Go to the segment on Elite Dangerous, you’ll notice the Vive rectangle has changed size. Same thing in the last game.

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I did this test on Cobra MKIII, the ship used by VoodooDE in his video.
The HMD’s FoV is fixed by hardware, so there are no differences for various in-game FoV setups.

Ouch… it was reply to neal_white_iii1h1

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Exactly there’s something very wrong with this video. The Vive has a horizontal FoV of roughly 100, the Pimax normal mode has 140, so that’s 40% more, but on the first picture, in the car, it almost looks 100% more!! This can’t be, something is very wrong here. And then that photo in Onward looks very different again, much smaller difference compared to the first car pic. In fact the Onward photo looks better, i haven’t measured it but that looks much more like 40% difference.

150*** no need to downgrade as you like dawg

And there’s a 170 mode which is even a bigger difference to the vive and oculus’s

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