Viveport and Pimax anyone?

So there’s a Black Friday sale and sub discount that are really tempting, so I wanted to know if anyone has tested Viveport with Pimax and if it’s any good, I know the software is trash but still i’m interested to hear about this, in the end there’re a ton of high quality games in there.


So since no one has replied I checked it myself and I can confirm that it works just fine. Got the trial and selected The Great C, VFC, Torn, Transpose and Seeking Dawn as my chosen 5 games.

So I installed the Viveport software without issues, it has a game tab that even includes the rest of your installed Steam VR games. I tried The Great C and VFC first, and they worked fine on my 8K with PiTool 1.0 and Steam SS at 100%, performance was really good, the Great C even works without parallel option so performance was great, VFC needed the parallel option checked but worked fine on my 1080Ti. To launch them I just selected them on the Library menu to launch and worked just fine.

So I’m pretty happy with Viveport and at 45 euro I just subscribed for the full year for 60 games a year, just Torn and Seeking Dawn are worth more than that, and it even includes Fallout 4 steam key and $10 wallet money, which I used to purchase Moss which is on sale right now for Black Friday at 16,24 euro, so got it for 6,24 euro.


Thanks for the info. I was considering Fallout VR, and since a year costs less than the game, and you get the game + the viveport extras, it’s pretty sweet.

Thankx for the advice, I already had a subscription for 3 months but I could extend it for 35 euros for 12 months :slight_smile: (I used the extra credit for discount instead of a game)

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That’s good to hear that it works, I bought the 5 games they had/have on sale for $1 USD ($2 CDN) really hoping it would pay off. You can’t beat Arizona Sunshine, Sairento, SUPERHOT, Accounting+ and The Wizards for $10 CDN!

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Just tried Torn with Viveport, at first it didn’t work so i was a bit worried but after lowering PiTools to 0.75 and Steam SS to 50% it worked just fine with normal view and parallel on, so it was more on the side on Pimax giving issues than Viveport. Thankfully the game has it’s own SS option in the config so it looks fantastic with the Pimax.

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Yep I already had arizona sunshine so I grabbed Accounting+, The Wizards and Sairento for $3, it amost feels like stealing, almost :smile:

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