Vive DAS on SMAS

Following @Milopapa’s teardown, I finished my DAS mod on the SMAS. Turned out great, the ear pieces fit perfectly and it actually looks decent too. I ended up using a thick rubber washer for each side I bought from a hardware store and they work great. Sounds so much better now.


I was going to do this, but I don’t have my headset yet D:


Same D:
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I did this on my 8KX today and it works quite well. A huge improvement over the OEM speakers. Just a hint to those looking to do the same. The original author was having a challenge finding a suitable spacer and ended up creating his own using materials from another project. Little did he know that Pimax actually shipped suitable material in the box he received. When you open your 8kx box you will see that there is a hard cover over the top of your precious 8kx and on the underside of that lid are several high quality foam pads used to protect the hmd. I simply removed one of them with a utility knife, trimmed it up so it was circular, and then cut it to the 10mm length. The whole mod took about 30 minutes tops. The pads are soft so it allows the arms on the DAS headphones to swivel still yet provides resistance so they don’t spin easily. Works like a champ!


Isn’t it sooo much better now? Nice call on using the Pimax foam. :+1:t3:

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Lol the only foam in the box that was actually useful.

But on a serious note I need todo this, where are the instructions?

Edit nevermind I found it. And printed the spacer from @Teigue . But while taking apart the speakers i noticed something kind of cool.

check this out. The original CV1 headphones connectors are spaced exactly the same as the SMAS.
10 mm apart. The only issue is that the rift headphones are vertical and the SMAS is horizontal.

I think an adapter could be made to plug these in. I’d probably start by connecting wires to the leads to see which way was correct.

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