Vive basestation without linkbox

I just got my hands on a single Vive basestation, is it possible to use it with a generic USB Bluetooth dongle on the PC with the Pimax?

Any help would be much appreciated

You don’t need the vive linkbox to use a lighthouse (or pair of…) with the pimax. The linkbox only had a bluetooth connection to allow (optionally) putting into standby and to do firmware updates over the air.

You should be fine!


I guess you can, they link to the pimax headset now

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The problem I’m having is that SteamVr doesn’t recognize the lighthouse. It says “Bluetooth services not available”. So I’m stuck on how to proceed with setting it up.

You set them up via PiTool. Use the Pair Controllers option on the main page

The Steam VR bluetooth page says the same with me and everything works fine


The setup is done through pitool, not steamvr. Steamvr will just pick up from pitool what has been done.

The headset detects the lighthouse via the sensors. What some have noticed for a single LH however is the lighthouse not picked up unless you move the headset around 2M distance away first.

Other scenario for not detecting the lighthouse is just a pc restart.


Cool! Thanks for that. Pitool is still downloading for me. Just received the Pimax today. :smiley:


Unplug & replug power to wake them up. There is currently a discussion in another topic trying to hack the bluetooth service. I think they have made some decent progress.


i got two remote control power sockets from ebay for £10

forgot to buy the 23a remote fob battery so now im waiting to use them, burning the lighthouses up :fire::fire::fire:

should be ok for them hard to reach plugs. i never liked the bluetooth power management in the vive, it would switch off when i didnt want it too and get stuck on.

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5k+ I presume? Backer or pre order?

5k+ backer. #2502.

Hmm, got pitool installed, but now I’m getting a fair bit of colored ‘snow’ in the display. I need to reseat the cable in the headset to fix this?

Yes try reseating the cable. However you might have a bad cable.

This sure has gone from Casinggate to Panelgate to Deliverygate to now Cablegate

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