Vive Base Station Help (i do not understand)

first off general google search is very sparse in a distasteful manner. I got hold of 1vive base station with now no clue how to pair it with my pc? I do not own a vive hmd all i got is an onboard BT on my x399m taichi trying to get some more dof out my Pi-5k+. The Base Station does not show up to be paired. Am I pretty stupid or missing a key component?

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LH requires no pairing. Place LH above head angle down as per LH setup guides.

Turn LH on with Pitool running the headset should appear in pitool if reccognized.

I don’t have LHes myself but Dave’s Table of Content Wiki has a variety of helpful LH links.

But this is what confused me Helio, I do have the lh setup as described. When i launch pitools lighthouse is listed as disconnected? and when i turn on lh in hmd settings the hmd is listed as not tracked. So how does the PC detect the LH if not paired via bluetooth?

Also i duno who Dave is but yeah cool feel free to link me his table of content greatly appreciated.


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Table of Contents (Wiki)

If your only running 1 Lighthouse. I think @neal_white_iii (he might be away) said I believe had to have it 1.5m away from LH.

LH only uses Bluetooth to turn on & off and firmware updates (can be connected via usb to update) to switch on you need to unplug & replug power.

LH only send ir laser beams. The headset tracking sensors use this to identify where you are in relation to the LH(s).

@TheIronWolf has some valuable info on testing LH function via log file. He unfortunately bought 2 used ones that were faulty.

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I am all set now Helio tx very much looks like i had to do that when/while toggling lighthouse on in pitool

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I think 1.5 m has been stated as the recommended distance for initialization. Personally, 2 to 2.5 seems to work best for me.

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See if bases are not faulty: V1 Valve lighthouses identification and diagnostic

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@Heliosurge @neal_white_iii @TheIronWolf

Welps gentleman looks like at least for me, the real bread and butter is to make sure the hmd is on and running then plugin the base station O_o. Everything has been all and well doing so

PS- no 1.5m away required just make sure no obstruction between the hardwares


Awesome glad your up & running. I must admit if I could get a controller LH package on the cheap would be taking a dive.

But for me a LH alone is not tempting enough. Now an unreasibly cheap motion rig would be a different story. :beers::sunglasses::+1::sparkles:

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I feel you i snagged 1 new LH of amazon and as for controllers got 2 psmove controllers running psmoveservice with 3 eye cams. tracking and all seems on point as the vive base really is for more than 3dof support on the hmd, could of bothered with that via a 3rd move glued to the hmd but just did not feel like it. I will admit i dont think i wana finagle with a bunch of things long-term. I am scavenging ebay for vive controllers and if i ever land a reasonable price for a pair, I am done for a while. Getting harder to hang tight for 2.0 across manufacturer options.

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I hear you. I have an xb360 kinect & I think 2 ps3Cams. But no psmove controllers.

I can say though that LH tracking does also suffer tracking issues with too much Sunlight. We discovered this at Immersed 2017 with a big Bay Window. We had to move the Pimax Poster to compensate. Much thanks to one of the staff Neil had in identifying this issue cause.

There is another concept using a ping pong ball for the head tracker.

U_U well now than i am all good as my vr setup is in my Man-Cave not subterranean like the Bat-Cave but can be dark enough with zero option of sunlight coming through

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To prevent some future hair-pulling, make sure that you don’t have any reflective surfaces (ie glass picture frames, chrome appliances, glossy monitors, etc) in the room.

If they are in positions where they could potentially reflect the IR lights from the basestations back at the headset, then it can really mess up your tracking. Either cover up the surfaces or remove them.


Thank the godz for the ebay, I majorly lucked out this week. On Monday, someone literally liquidated their vive assets. got the 2 controllers on buy it now for $120 + 20 shipping. The person listed them as “Like new” more like they are new lol as i received them today they look new and work spot on so far O_O I still can’t beleive this.

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That’s awesome congrats! :beers::sunglasses::+1::sparkles:

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