Vision 8K+ : Pitool 144 Compatible?

I placed my order today for an 8K+ with the upgrade plan program as a current 5K+ owner.

I am currently using pitool 144 with my 5K+ because it is the best version for me to play assetto Corsa.
I have the best performance result with AC benchmark and also get no jitter and nice smooth fluidity at 90fps.

My question is :

Will I be able to keep pitool 144 with an 8K+ unit or if I will need to upgrade to a newer version that I dont like ?

In theory you should be able to run the 8k+ on the older pitool as with 8k and 5k+ usually work on older pitools with newer firmware. Though you maybe missing newer features without running a current pitool release.

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I will try it for sure.

By the way cant wait to see if they will respect this statement:

This is why I placed my order otherwise I was waiting.


Hey Cool !
This would mean that everyone who preordered or upgraded to Vision 8K Plus should have theirs on the way all shipped and so on :slight_smile:


[MrAhlefeld] Are you telling me there have people out there who preordered an 8K+ in October-November 2019 and they still dont have their tracking mumber or received their merchandise ?

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We are now 2 days after I placed my order.
No tracking number yet.
The banner on their website have already been modify with the out of stock logo at the bottom… but the tag in stock is still there upper…