Virtual Body Position Offset in Il2:BoS


Received my pimax4k last week and very impressed :slight_smile:

I have it working in Elite Dangeroous without issue but in Il-2:Battle of Stalingrad, the virtual body position is laterally offset to the right. This means that you are not able to see the cross hair of the gunsite. It can be seen clearly when looking at the chaperone circle as it is not centred on the ingame seat!

Please note I am not talking about rotational (yaw) drift which is being correctly reset either through the piplay re-centre button or through the games inbuilt re-centre VR view keybind.

Does anyone know how to correct this?

NB: I am running piplay 1.2.63, firmware

Many Thanks


Hello :slight_smile:
first u are welcome :slight_smile:

How u have sucess make works the 1.2.63 ?
can u please give more information about u configuration ?

how u get the 1.2.63 Pimax have remove all links ?

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I installed 1.1.92 initially and then used the update function within piplay which downloaded 1.2.63 and installed and updated the firmware,



PC specs: i5-2500k @4.8Ghz, 8Gb RAM, GTX690, W7sp1

with this version u don’t have Ghost problem ?

some games have big issue with the last driver Pimax 1.2.57 (i can’t install the 1.2.63, my headset is not found)

but the big issue is the ghost effect, who ruin the visual.

Let’s talk here → Pimax 4K UHD - NON Officiel
youtube Channel → Issa pimax - YouTube
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Ghosting is only noticeable when moving head very fast. Do you have anything to add to solve my issue as I think we are going off topic :slight_smile:

Hey Mars if you turn off VR support, start game normally you can adjust the default head position I believe using Home, End, Insert, Delete keys by default then pressing F10 to save. (can be changed in key bindings) I got it perfectly sighted on gunsight and helps a bit but the nature of parallax and eyes focusing on the sight vs beyond it still gives a double image most of the time. I have to play with it more, but I will probably set it up to have my dominant eye cantered on gunsight and use one eye to aim.

I had severe distortion issues using 1.1.92 and am now using 1.2.53 or 57 I believe and it is much better.

Now all we need is proper 6DOF Tracking hopefully someone here will be able to figure out how to get TrackIR working with is. I am trying to get a hold of Devs to allow this on IL2 forums so I suggest all here do the same.

Hope this helps and good hunting!

Hi Lonny

Although a RoF player I had obviously blanked out the PITA memory of setting up individual view positions for each aircraft…

Many thanks


Hi there, is it possible to take a photo of this issue? Thanks : )

No need for a photo as it was a game issue and not a pimax issue:)