View YouTube vr videos with 5K+

Is there a way to do this? Thanks in advance.

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I have used Bigscreen beta. There is a Youtube Ap but hear performance is bad.

I believe @noro has mentioned a good ap to use.


Youtube VR App is still really bad.
Like @Heliosurge said better use bigscreen + browser (just keep in mind that not every browser supports high resolution + fps, eg. you need to about:config Firefox to use higher fps)
Hate me but I find MS Edge Browser best for streaming content beyond 1080p.
Just A/B Chrome, Firefox and Edge at 4k and you’ll see what I mean.
Better than Bigscreen but not free are Virtual Desktop and Vorpx, delivering a much better picture imho.


Youtube VR app is in the Steam store and is free. It is a bit clunky but gets the job done for me


Ooh. Thank you. I will try and find it.