Video reviews/unboxings?

Hi. Still waiting for mine to be shipped from gearbest but i was wondering if there are any reviews or unboxings of this? I have looking around for a week now and cant find anything. It would be nice if someone on here who has one can post one on youtube :slight_smile:

Hi you not Buy in 1-3 months much easily.

The software is too buggy.

I have also created a video unboxing. but as I get it not set I do not put it online

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Could you post it to youtube when you time please. Thanks. I have already ordered it from gearbest just waiting for shipping. I hope most of the software gets fixed before i receive it

Hi Kas,

Like you I am about to order one specifically for playing Elite Dangerous with steam VR. I currently own an HTC Vive and a Oculus CV1 and am tired of the low resolution and screen door effect. Also the Fresnel lenses make dark contrast space screens look even worse with the god ray issue. Can you please come back and give me your opinion of the picture quality once you have tried it. Personally I’m not so worried about the buggy software people are talking about because that can be fixed over time, The hardware quality is my main concern. 2k per eye seems too good to be true


Did you set it works?

Having used Gear VR on my note 4 the screen door effect and blurry picture was my main concern. Although the note 4 has a 1440p scree you could easliy see the pixels. The Pimax has almost double the pixel density and will hopefully minimise the screendoor effect. It also has a wider FOV 110 vs the gear VRs 96.

I just got an email from gearbest this morning stating that my ordrr has been shipped :slight_smile: cant wait. If anyone is interested use code LHPIMAX on gearbest to get £30

MY Private UNBOXING Video:

Thank you for this. Built quality looks quiet good compared to cheaper chinese models.

How long are the cables on this? If you can can you make some videos through the lens to see the screendoor effect.

No screendoor effect.

Cable 2,5M ± 0,5m

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Please tell me what quality tracking? Its absolutly smooth and fast, like oculus rift or gear vr? And whether there is blurring of the motion?

Tracking is good. And thats all… blurry motion, flat colors, low brightnes, brain exhausted after couple minutes of using…

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So, you got nausia or headache? Cant you just use nvidia control panel to force brightness or increase color saturation?

Thanks for ur video so much.

As i understand, problem Pimax VR:

  1. focusing too close (good for people with myopia but not for normal people)
  2. LCD matrix slow and blurring (no Low Persistence as Oculus Rift, Gear VR, Deepoon E2,)?
  3. too warm colors and low brightness?
    I’m right?

Blurry motion is worrying. Anyone know the reponse rate of the screen?

Dude. They write that it is 60hz but its not like even gearvr phones 60hz… its much worst… probably they are using sharp 60hz IGZO 4K 5.5 inch screen which theoreticly can handle 60 hz… read more about igzo panels…

nr1 on your list is my biggest problem.
It’s messing with my :eye: :eye: