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I asked a long time ago in another threads about video through lens playing video file. Someone of Pimax representative told me that it will be done soon. But seems It didn’t happen (if it exists please give me a link I don’t see it). We need to know before KS end if 3d vr videos playing correct on P8K hmd, absolutely the same geometrically (except wide fov of course) as on P4K. Please take some video file (180/360, side-by-side) and play it on both P4K and P8K (or only on P8K and give link to the file here for we can check it on P4K by ourselves).

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I think Simple VR Video Player allows you to adjust aspect ratio/zoom etc in real time. If so, maybe this type of player overcomes a wacky 3D SBS 180/360 aspect ratio that in 4K Pimax headset that may not look right with the 200 FOV on the new 8K headset?

Maybe not and we’re forced to use PiPlay proprietary software to watch 3D movies outside of Steam (for games), as Pimax’s own brand software will obviously support their own, currently unique, 200 FOV for 3D movie playback…or will it?

To add to the confusion, Steam is running its own experimental video player too. That might work on Pimax 8K 200 FOV as well? Source:

I don’t think there will be differences with various players. If video will play correctly then it should be correctly in all (or almost all normal) players. This how it was in P4K and Oculus. The same need to be on P8K. Not twisting with settings to correct everything distorted. It need to work with almost any video without any adjustions. The videos which was correctly played on P4K should play the same geometrically correct on P8K.
Repeating, we need through lens video of playing 360/180 sbs video in Pimax 8K and link to this video.
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you mean we must use abs video player with 8K?

I don’t know what is abs video player. Any normal video player I think. Try Simple Vr Video Player or DeoVr. Or VirtualDesktop have video player too.
I told about sbs video - this means side-by-side. Video divided to two pictures for each eye. 360° or 180° - not matter. Just not flat which viewing on virtual monitor. Exactly vr video needed.

Just open any video in the Virtual Desktop and film it.

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@bacon so what do you say?

that would be a great idea to show some video to see how it looks!


Problems with playing video?
@anon23564932 @Matthew.Xu @bacon @PimaxVR @Pimax-Support


Soul, didn’t see this thread. Ok.

Nah, it’s fine. Sorry for the tone of the message, I was quite irritable at the time.

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