(Video) Oculus games performance on Pimax 8K X

Sorry for the delay. I should have posted this several days ago, but been quite bad the last couple of days…
Upon request, a few Oculus exclusive titles on 8KX and the performance. Let me know what you think.


Asgards, Lone Echo, Lone Echo II, Walking Dead, Roborecall and more will really shine on the 8KX,
Stormland on small fov I’m afraid. It’s not my favorite game though
Thanks for this video

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Stormland is the one game I have the most trouble running on my reverb at full res. @SweViver, any update about if a chaperone is being worked when running oculus games through pitool?


Thanks so much for doing these videos! I see some drama around here, but I for one hugely appreciate you taking the time to make these videos. Can’t get enough 8KX material. Thanks SweViver :smile:


Nice! It would be cool to add some through-the-lens shots in each game too at a “normal” viewing distance, maybe with a comparison to an OG Rift or Vive. Lots of work though… thanks for this.

Thanks for the video :grin: Looks great for 8KX just as long as you have the latest pc tech. I was surprised how I couldn’t test my old 5kXR 6 months ago in terms of in game settings, running the same hardware in the vid. I ramped up everything TRYING to make it unplayable. 9900k plus 2080ti = vr fun.

Knowing that in a so far undisclosed time and spending a hefty bunch of spondoolicks* I could experience a LOT of games running perfectly playable - even in some cases in near highest quality settings is a great thing. I couldn’t chuck down 1000+ on something without info.

I bet a couple ppl reading this are thinking about tongues and asses :cowboy_hat_face:
I have never put my tongue… Wait, doesn’t matter. :crazy_face:

*I forgot the spondoolicks. Spondulix - Wikipedia Meh. Can’t be bothered just look at the link.

Because the physical resolution is closer to that of human eyesight and original content, less supersampling (1.5x vs 2.0x) is needed to achieve a higher quality result with the 8kX than the 5k+.

So the 8kX, with whatever machine you have, can do everything your 5kXR can do… better…


Great to see that the oculus implementation seems to work.
I quit bothering back when Vader Immortal I was released. There were annoying controller issues so I used revive.
Maybe I was just unlucky and tried the only game that did not work properly.

I agree with the exception of black levels.
Hopefully Pimax is able to include the Oculus Guardian System at some point.

Does the 5kXR really have black levels sufficient to make a night flight look pitch black without a slight hint of grey?


Yes, you can configure it that way. But you need a totally dark room or the new nose flaps that come with the comfort kit.

with the right pitool you can…

Useful information, thank you.

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pitch black yes, but dont turn your head as unfortunatelly a LOT of smearing going on then😕


Even if there are other tradeoffs involved, we still need benchmarks for specific things like black levels.

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One guy (an artist at Croteam, if I recall correctly) shoved a monitor calibration sensor into his Index and Vive half a year or so ago, for some quick results - repeating that, could be a starting point :7 :

If I do not misremember entirely, he may have followed up a week later or so, with numbers from one or two additional headsets, but I don’t think any of them were a Pimax…


Interesting, those measurements yield some impressive results!

However, I am more interested in pass/fail for specific test cases. The only test case I am aware of is moonless night flight and perhaps related astronomy.

Hi Martin. Thank you for taking the time to test so many games. I’m looking forward to seeing lone echo especially on my 8k x when it arrives one my favourite Vr games to date.

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What did you mean Revive is a hack? I’m sure any hmd hijacking oculus signal to display on their own is a hack.

Pitool is doing the same thing revive does , i fail to see how revive is a hack and pitool isn’t.

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