Very nice product. But Pimax has to improve the quality

Very nice product. But Pimax has to improve the quality.

My Pimax is now 5 days old. Cracks slowly form in the housings. That’s not allowed to happen. It is the current version of the Pimax 5k +. Dear Pimax Team. The glasses are great … However you urgently need other face pads.


Sorry to hear about the cracks in your Pimax. Kevin said they have improved this in the later cases which are not so brittle but a few earlier cases were still in the mix. Hopefully they are all gone by now and this will not happen moving on.
AliExpress has some decent face pads for only a few pounds in till pimax release theirs.


You assume too much…

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Maybe but I’m an Enternal optimist.


I’ve had 3 so far, all 3 cracked, the first two were very early builds but my 3rd had different plastic, look and feel. So definitely not solved, maybe improved and cases of this reduced but dispite what pimax are saying this is not yet fully solved.


Sorry to hear. I hope it’s fourth time lucky for you and pimax do get to the cause of the issue.


Thx, i have notified them and with pics, but said i will wait a bit for potential further improvements. Maybe they will just send me the new rugged version :grin:


The plastic wall ares simply to thin to only way to completely negate cracking is to redesign the housing which in the short term will probably not be done ( aka ruggedize version has the same design)


I am very disappointed with the case. Otherwise, I think the glasses are good. With the distortions on the sides you have to solve even better. I also have the stupid feeling that the lenses of the Pimax are not always of the same quality. Could it be that the distortions are different? Would it be possible that the quality of the lenses is different there? Because some people do not see any distortions. I have to keep the glasses away from my eyes (12mm farther away) so no ornaments are visible. A friend of mine has her right in front of her eyes and sees no distortions. I find that very funny. Our eyes distance is identical and the faces shape as well. (64mm) Actually optimal. Pimax must definitely solve the problem with the case. That makes their reputation very bad. Pimax can not sell the customer so glasses. There’s nothing to break. That must not happen! The Pimax glasses are very expensive. Customers have a right to a housing that does not just crack! That sucks!

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Aye. I’ve seen the videos of how they tested the HMDs by dropping them from different hights… and they held up very well actually. These cracks might be caused by screws too tightly… screwed? :stuck_out_tongue:
My 8K should arrive next week according to the tracking… will be exciting to finally touch it. Hope it can take some kisses and hugs.

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@Timo.H1 Are you sure this crack wasn’t there from the beginning and u just simply missed it the first 5 days? Because unless you accidentally hit the controllers or anything into the headset, I cant see that cracks just happen by themselves. The plastics could and should indeed be improved, and thats what Pimax is still doing as far as I can see. I received an “improved” 5K+ loaner not long ago which has way harder (and also thicker) plastics than my first backed unit from batch 1, so there has obviously been some improvements made and I hope they will continue to improve it.

Its all very individual as we are all different in terms of vision, perception, face shape etc etc. Indeed some people see no distortion at all while others see it very clearly - using the same headset, on the previous Pimax meetups for example. So I wouldnt say its because of different quality of the lenses or panels.

Also, solving an individual and rare problem (which you are facing for example) might not be impossible but also not so easy for Pimax, Im afraid. If they dont see the problem by themselves, then how can they improve it?


My 5k+ has started to get cracks in the corners . At first I could barely see them but they are now getting worse very quickly .

So I am very careful with my Pimax. I do not bump or shame it. Yes, I’m sure the cracks were not there yet. They came later. I took a close look at the Pimax and also made a video. It is also on Youtube. Now the Pimax gets cracks all by itself. That’s just not allowed to happen. If the cracks get worse, I hope Pimax sends me new glasses. I think the cracks are horrible. It is a pity.


It would be nice if the housing was easy to change… so they could just send a new one that you change yourself.


How does everyone take off their headsets? I grab it with my thumb on the bottom and I need to gently do it because grabbing it tight I feel it bend the plastic but I need to grab it tight to take it off. Feels like it’s just a matter of time before it cracks

Using the DAS I twist the button at the back of the headstrap and then lift it off with my other hand using the pivot point where the top strap meets the headset. If I do need to touch the headset I hold it by the rubber facial interface only and never the thin plastic case.

In the auto industry they use the term “fit and finish”. My cracks started in the corner seams and appear to be due to stress of tightening the headset onto my face. You can even here the stress noise if the two parts don’t fit perfectly and are too thin.
This I appreciate the reason the plastic needs to be thinner where the sensors are, a little thicker and better fit along the seams could be a solution.
I tried too reinforce the corners but I have one corner where the small crack had broken a tiny piece away that has a crack starting downward,
Thing that concerns me is that if all panels are not the same then I fear a replacement might result in a less happy experience. After all the feedback about the blacks not being as good as OLED, I was pleasantly surprise that my 5K+ appears to be as black in Elite Dangerous as my Rift.
Another observation is while not heavy the headset is front heavy and the need to get it tight enough not to droop means wearing it fairly tight which increases the stress on weak seams, A lesson can de taken from Rift here, where the headset holds better at the back of the head very well and doesn’t need to be worn as tight. I put a 5 ounce counter weight on the back of my DAS and found this to offset the front weigh quite well affording me greater comfort and no drooping.
@PimaxVR I hope your DAS considers balancing the weight in a similar fashion.

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I know its hard to believe but they most certainly are cracking by themselves, there are multiple cases of this occurring including ALL 3 of the HMD’s I’ve had. None had this issue day 1 and the third one I had barely even used since receiving and someone mentioned to check it and it had since cracked.

A high proportion of cases cracking is pretty much in the same spot.




The fact my 3rd cracked around 2 weeks after receipt with barely any use but was left plugged in made me consider internal temps contributing to triggering this issue over time, regardless none of these was there at the start or occurred due to misuse or being hit by anything.

That’s something I also had the ability to notice, my first replacement headset (HMD #2) had a sort of lens distortion that I had not noticed on the first one. My 2nd replacement (HMD #3) that issue went away again. But Pimax have also altered various other things, the plastic is different, the screens are different (no black dots) and the face pad is a totally different design, my IPD ranges are different and even the head strap is different so it’s not beyond consideration that there is some variation in the lenses or even if just the positioning of them.


Probably cracks are happening while aligning the headstrap, that little stress is enough for corners to crack and than small holes. I really hope Pimax shows us a real solution rather than just sending it back and receiving another hmd with similar problem.

Now comes a new crack in the case. This rift was created by itself. Dear Pimax Team … This is not good!