Very disappointed at the 5k+ :(

I don’t know about you guys, but I’m very disappointed at the white wash of the 5k+, everything is super white and lack of colors, lights were bleeding in from the goggle…it is sad to say but this 2 years wait ended up very disappointed receiving such a bad quality goggle, I had alot of hope in this goggle…I don’t know if I’m the only person having this issue but seems like most of everyone are happy with their goggle, is mine bad?

Only i know from other is if you dont have the IPD corect it feels bad.

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If feels longer but it’s only been a year & 4 to 5 months since the kickstarter.

Try installing pitool 95 or 103r191(beta) to have brightness option setting in pitool.

Some are not fussy with these version due to running water effect in peripheral; while others don’t seem sensitive to it.

I myself i don’t seem to be sensitive to this effect & don’t really see it myself.

Otherwise if coming from Oled some of this should be expected as Oled known benefits in contrast.

The 5k 8k directory in the banner may have tips that can improve your experience.

@anon74848233 please add to earlybackers.

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It sounds as if your HMD suffers from light bleed ? Sure, the black on the 5K+ is generally rather a darkish grey and so on, but that wouldn‘t have triggered such a reaction from you unless you only had OLED screens around you for the past 5 years and didn‘t pay attention to the specs, whcih seems far-fetched. I would contact Pimax support and describe exactly what you mean and add some photos.

You wouldn‘t be the first to have light bleeding issues.


really my biggest problem is lack of color, everything looks very whitewash…I don’t see anything in the directory banner that could help…unless maybe if there is a color adjustment I can try

I read somewhere that people are having two different version of 5k+?

judging from the video I think I received the “old” version of 5k+ as the foam were gray…unlike the black foam I believe that comes with the new 5k+?

did they change out the screen panel between the two version?

Which pitool version are you running? Brightness adjustment might improve your experience.

103 beta, all 3 brightness setting look exactly the same to me, I don’t see any brighter or dimmer however from the setting, I was kinda wondering if that setting was even working actually

look at the sticker on the bottom of the hmd, it will tell you which version you have. The colors arent as bright as the vive, but no where near as bad as you say it is, “white washed”
Ive tested out and played Beatsaber, quivr ,spacepirate trianer, pinball fx2, thumper all looked great and they have lots of dark background and bright colors in those games.

The main thing that is kinda distacting is the fish eye bubble effect when you dont have the hmd set perfectly on your face, even if its perfect there is still a tiny bit left but you can live with it after a few hours of getting used to it

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If you haven’t try disabling smart smoothing. Brightness xhamges might be more noticeable(haven’t tested). Brightness changes with smart motion on said to hae lessened effect.

Pimax has said that they will add color controls at some point. There is hope, since they have added brightness control, as promised.

Try adjusting the angle of the headset a bit instead of letting it just rest on your face. Some people have had better experience by having it angled up or down a little bit and if you’re saying it at an odd angle because of your face structure I think that could possibly be an issue.

I’m not sure what your seeing but your colors should look like this, which in my opinion look fantastic in the hmd.
this is just a rough picture I snapped with my phone from arizona sunshine and beat saber. if your colors don’t look similar I would open a support ticket.


Although the LCD is not going to compete with OLED, your description of “white wash” makes me think there’s more than just disappointment of non-OLED standards.

Any chance you can take through the lens pics whilst in the Pimax default logo image?

Uncheck image
In PiTool > Settings > General

Should just have a Pimax logo on a starry black background. Might help decide if you have anything extra occurring such as what we’ve referred to as backlight leak (as that’s what it looks like to us and something I and a few others have had). Another issue for some has been light leak through cracked housing or badly fitted housing, so again a through the lens pic ‘may’ help us visualise what you’re seeing and compare!


Just found my previous links to some images that might also illustrate the fault.

My post: here

@aesopfabled post: here


Sounds like you need to exchange it for one that isn’t bleeding light.

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