Vega 56: Large FOV: smart smoothing blurring

I use SteamVR home environ as a test case. I am using latest available drivers to this date (02.07.2019) after a clean video driver install.

In Large FOV mode the picture in EVERY eye becomes smeared, to be exact there seems to be two pictures overlayed with a small horizontal shift between them. PP is not involved. Once again the problem is in every eye, it is not a matter of projection.

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We would need other Amd Vega users to weigh in. I haven’t noticed this on R9 390 or Nvidia 1080 ti.

It maybe Related to Amd Driver & pimax compatability likely still needs fixing on both sides.

Normal FOV is fine though. This needs further testing.

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Yeah okay will need to test on large. Usually stick with Normal.

Let me double check this with the devs, and make sure it gets fixed. They have several AMD GPUs they test a lot with Pimax. I only have Nvidia and can’t see that problem

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If you need any additional info, I’ll be happy to provide it.


I will let you know, thanks. Waiting for a reply from the devs :slight_smile: