Varjo Aero sounds promising

Seeing the specifications Varjo Aero - Varjo Store

I does sound great with a 35PPD and aspherical lenses.

What do you guys think?

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Damn now I have to watch this xD so fast!

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Preodered mine! Going to sell my VR3


There is another VR3 unit for sale in Ebay for 3k.

2k for the consumer Aero Varjo product seem good unless Valve and Oculus and Pimax rain on their parade with their upcoming announcements showing similar products at a lowers prices. I recall hearing Oculus having a new product with higher res than Varjo excluding the focus display. We shall see soon enough


If anyone interested, I’m selling mine at $2700


Im going to wait and see what pimax will show.

I wouldnt buy now a vr3, since aero sounds more promising for vr enthusiast and the no longer needed subscription :see_no_evil:


Kudos to the community here with the predictions! Really close.

So it’s essentially $2000 with no annual fee and the same as the VR-3 without the FRD feature and begins shipping in February/March 'ish 2022 timeframe.


They said shipping in December

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Hmm interesting. I was told shipping in december by Varjo. But that might indeed be too optimistic then

Its nice, but still no audio solution is a no go for me…

I’m just assuming their store post is their plan. Usually this can be considered optimistic.

Now lets see what pimax will give us.

Its good to see varjo on the enduser market now but It seems varjo is aiming on even higher endusers than pimax.

Do 8K videos look better in VR3 than in Pimax 8KX?

I would guess since its similar to their existing device that should help and $2k is somewhat beyond the sweet spots so volume should be no problem. I bet they can hold the 3-4 month or so timeline.

Definitely! Although the distortion is too bad. However supposedly they now have greatly improved distortion so we’ll have to see about that …

1990 euro plus tax is too expensive


I love seeing new headsets hit the market. Good for everyone, good for the entire VR community. Just IMHO.

The big worry is Facebook is buying up a lot of big VR developers, so that is scary.


oh yeah…face…book.

never bought and never will!