Valve knuckles could have different interchangeable modules for the thumb

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In the end, Valve has presented patents for knuckles with the idea that I mentioned: with different interchangeable modules to be used with the thumb, which can be joysticks or trackpads.

The patent.

More drawings.

In Spanish in “Real o virtual”.


I think it’s a good idea to have an interchangeable module as a valve knuckcles

Uhmm were in the patent have you found this information. What FIG 11B is about is a movable hand retainer a.k.a handstrap, not about interchangable modules like you keep suggesting. But I might have missed something, if so please post the reference number to look up.

A movable hand retainer or an interchangeable module, To have the two options, joystick or trackpad in the same controller

The description of the patent indicates that the header of the upper part may optionally include one or more controls, such as a trackpad, a trackball, a stick or different buttons. This head can be adjusted and even extracted, as we can see in the right part of the previous image (11b), something that could suggest the exchange of controls, but that does not appear as such in the patent.

Yes and “movable hand retainer” means movable handstrap, not interchangeable module.
Lets do some pro paint stuff

Thats a movable hand retainer

Who did that translation of the pantent. That part speaks about how you can lock the hand retainer into different positions.

…except with a faceplate removed from the head 210 to expose a lockable collar portion 311 that may facilitate selective adjustment of the hand retainer anchor 302 peripherally about the head 210…

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Yes sir, I think you can be right and it can be a bad interpretation in the translation

They do not say it explicitly, but the plate of the controls for the thumb can contain different types of controls (trackpad, joystick, trackball, buttons) can be oriented in two ways and the plate can be removed.
But yes, maybe is only with controls in the same plate, like the WMR controls.


Yes, it can be interpreted in several different ways


I think we have been giving ideas in Pimax for some time now.
It will not be that there is a htc worker who lives in the forum and taking note?
and how it looks
are the ones that register the patents

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While the idea for modular controllers sounds appealing, since you would have both a joystick and a trackpad option, I have a few concerns:

  1. This is bound to be more expensive than an either/or option (like we have now)
  2. A modular design is almost certainly be less robust (prone to breakage)
  3. The plug-in module would likely wiggle around with age, as the mechanical fittings become worn.

I think that the best solution would be to buy 1 of each or both sets. Yes, it would be a bit more expensive, but I think the controllers would last a lot longer, since there’s less possibility of breakage.

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You would buy only one module and, if you want, the other/others. And if it breaks, you would only change that module.

Not with a good and robust design. In the end, all are pieces.

You could even secure the modul with screws at least that is something i also had in mind for my modular knuckle design.
It’s not like you change the thing every day but as you said if something realy breaks you just change the modul and you are good to go again instead of buying a whole new Controller.

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