Valve Index Reviews Are Popping Up

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From what I have seen so far it looks like a relatively small step up from Vive Pro but with better controllers and ergonomics.

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Well the Vive(Valve) Wands were very poorly designed knockoffs of the Psmove. No imagination. If LG had quietly exited the stage their Pythons were originally planned to be similar to vive wands with sharper angles

What ever happened to LG?

I argue that index controllers , while great , isn’t going to be as big a deal as the hype would have you believe.

I think its cool that you can move your fingers, but its effects will be more passive. Eg in games like standout, making those hand gestures to team mates.

But as far as essential game mechanics, the touch provides the base functionality required by games to achive hand presense. Index just adds a superficial but cool layer on top of it


LG just stopped with no more announcements. They were Originally announced as Valve’s new sponsored headset. Guessing part of that didn’t sit well with HTC; bringing the war with Vive port.

Valve’s attempt to encourage 3rdparties to make steam headsets like WMR seemed to have flopped. But the whole naming it OpenVR to create confusion imho with OSVR.

its odd, because Pimax could have been a sponsored headset , but they went their own route.

now valve is making their own Index it seems that they no longer care about going the WMR route.

Maybe LG should pull an HP and make a WMR device

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I think when LG pulled the plug & Valve’s VR Dev kits didn’t take. And HTC decided to scorn Valve with Vive Port offering Devs nice incentives for exclusives… Well they decided to self brand.

Pimax was already doing their own thing. StarVR & Xtal could have done the same with Steam. But I suspect Valve wants Headsets to use & contribute to their Render. Which does seem to be behind Oculus on somethings & performance.

I think when LG pulled out after being so close to release really aggravated Valve.

They really should as their oled tech is well ahead of Samsung & I think LG’s time with Valve has taught them alot since LG360VR(? LG G5 VR goggle)