Valve HMD coming up?

Images have emerged of a possible Valve HMD, presumably with a 135 degrees FOV and a resolution equal to Vive Pro:

Not much details there yet, but could be interesting maybe?


Most interesting thing its the monitor in the pic shows these pictures are 4 months old. These headsets should be in full production by now. Fuck yes!!


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Oh wow - so much for my scoop …


Well, let‘s see what this is about. But Valve hasn‘t shown any sense of urgency with it‘s Knuckles controllers so any product based on this prototype may still be 2 years away so I will not get excited just yet about a headset prototype with completely unknown features and release date… :smirk:


I’ll take it with a grain of salt but truth is these pictures were taken back in July. V2 tracking has been on the market now for 6 months. It couldn’t be more obvious knuckles are about to launch. My bet is a full kit could be announced any time soon

Looks like it’s close to the 5k’s optimal FOV. No dobut the optics will be much better. Lets just hope it has custom OLED panels


135 degrees fov? Didn’t know binoculars were the thing.


135° FOV is a lot better than 110°. Not as good as a Pimax, but better than most.


The resolution is the same as Vive Pro, but FOV much bigger than the latter, so the perceived resolution is worse?


I guess that depends on whether we are talking “resolution” as in pixels per (e.g.) degree (proper), or bitmap size in pixels, without any banana for scale (unfortunately deeply ensconced in computer graphics jargon). :stuck_out_tongue:

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Diagonal or horizontal? Doesn’t seem like you’re gonna play your pimax at 170 degrees so 135 is pretty close what we will practically have in the pimax.

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Even if the FOV is a tad smaller then the 5k+/8k, if it comes completely distortion free with better software then Pitools then it’ll give Pimax a run for their money. Obviously screens and other specifications will matter but I have faith that Valve would not release a garbage product. Another reason I hope Pimax is able to ramp up production soon and start shipping HMD’s.

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135 FOV and vive pro quality screens and resolution sounds good to me ,probably lower gpu requirements than pimax

Valve sells games, so can’t produce an high end headset , but these heasets are key to spreading standards as knucles, hand tracking, and more…

  • Most likely the Fov spec is diagonal (it always is), so that’s only 22% better than current HMD’s and 25% below the Pimax 5k/8k at “normal” FoV (which in its turn is again quite below what we need, Star VR One)
  • Same res as Vive Pro, so worse resolution than Pimax 5k (unless full RGB, then it might be somewhat interesting)

Yeah sure, probably distortion free and better colors, but man, I’m not getting excited about this at all. We need next gen panels like the BOE and JDI panels that are due for next year. BOE said they’d be able to mass produce in Q1 next year, hopefully they’re on track. THEN it will get exciting.


It looks just like the vivelink lineup of hmd’s. I don’t see a wire either also indicative of a wireless all in one. Also it has venting to prevent overheating. If it is a valve vivelink hmd that’s pretty cool, although this one isn’t really much to look at that increased fov on a portable is cool. Kinda wish the quest had a bigger fov.

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After Vive and Vive pro you have a hope to not see a garbage? Omg :smiley:

If the 135 is diagonal, then this will be very close to Pimax small mode FoV (otherwise it would be right in the middle between small and normal).

If you run Pimax in small mode then the GPU requirements should also be pretty similar.

But, if it is using similar screens to Vive pro, then clarity will definitely be worse then Pimax 5k at any mode (RGB vs pentile).


You do realize that’s a Ridiculous statement. They sell Games so can’t make a good headset? Lol

They also make hardware.


You mean manufactured by HTC, a completely different company?