V0.32 quick thoughts

Just looking at the UI, not doing much in it.

-We need a version number.
-Moving the UI left/right is too sensitive. Makes it twitchy.
-Would be really nice to be able to angle the UI, too.
-“System Information” did not refresh to show my controller when I turned it on. System Information button did not refresh it, either. -I’m thinking that you haven’t gotten to this, yet, lol! No biggy.
-Need battery level indicators on the controllers.
-And last, need buttons to turn off controllers and headset. I’m not holding my breath on this one! :stuck_out_tongue:

Quick freeze when going from “Favorites” to “Steam”. I’ve got a lot of games, so I’m not surprised. Very small hitch, just a split second, but I’ve got a good system.

Looking good!!! Thank you for your work!!!


Good idea, will add it to the UI

Hmm ok :slight_smile: I can try to tweak it by changing the ratio of movement/pointer position!

You mean up and down or to the sides? Not difficult, but just trying to understand how the movement should be made as we currently only can use trigger/thumbstick. That will probably require a second icon to click and drag. On the list!

Yeah hehe, the entire system info will be moved and more indepth (as well as fixed) on its own page. Haven’t touched it since I added it months ago :). It was just temporary put there to fill up some space. There are more cool things we can add there instead, like game suggestions etc…

I wish I had the access to the controller SDK but its only in SteamVR libraries/SDK so either I need a proper coder to “steal” the functions of controller properties from SteamVR or just make our own solution. Its definitely something we need though!

As a smart-home freak in the past, I can tell you this is actually super easy!
You need:

  1. A Google Home/Alexa compatible (smart) wifi power adapter where you connect your headset power cable and can turn on/off by Google Home commands.
  2. A software such as (for example the one Im using) HomeAssistant that you have linked with Google Home/Alexa.
  3. Create a command in HomeAssistant to control the power adapter
  4. Create a batch file that runs the command (only turn off is usable in PE of course)
  5. Add the batch file as a custom import game, name it whatever and add a custom thumbnail (will be available in next PE version today probably)
  6. Start the custom game, your headset immediately turns off :slight_smile:


Simply do point 1. Then bind it to a voice command in Google Home. Say “Hey Google turn off VR”. And all turns off :wink: this way u can also use it for “turn on”.
I already have this for my base stations, but I rarely use it.

Thanks for the ideas and input mate, much appreciated!


Yeh I have two wifi smart plugs (one for each base station) and you can link them together in the app. Label a group “VR Lighthouses” in the app. Simply say “turn on VR Lighthouses” or “turn off VR Lighthouses”. It’s beautiful. Hmm… now that I think of it… I could get a third one for the headset itself and bind the third together.


The sides. Rotating it along the y axis. The scenario is that I have my hmd on a mount about a meter to the side and slightly behind me. Thus, when I start up, the UI is over to the side and while I can now slide it back in front of me, it’s now at an angle. I can see another scenario if I was standing and I wanted to sit down, so rotating on the x axis (up and down) could be handy as well. Maybe “grab” a button on the sides to rotate on the y axis and another “button” to “grab” on top (or bottom) that would rotate along the x axis?

In theory, I should be able to “grab” that tab and turn a full circle with the display following me. This would require that the UI actually circle the “central” point. Of course, we’d need to be able to move the center as well, in that case. Edit: also the distance from the center. Not sure that this is practical, however.

So that’s why the battery indicators are always missing! We have other “environment” software with their own controller skins but no one ever has the battery indicators! Now I know why! Would be nice if Valve would fix that!

I’ve got remote controlled ac outlets for all of the hardware, but I usually leave everything powered up. I only hit the power button on the hmd. To be honest, while the methods described here are pretty neat (gotta love voice commands!) they all amount to a “hack”. Effective, but a “hack”. At some point, in the far future, there really should be a software “power button” to do the same thing that the button does on the hmd. I’m perfectly happy with it being the “far future”, I was thinking more along the lines of “optimizing the experience” than whether it’s actually needed.
Personally, I use VoiceAttack. At one point, I had a profile set up that kept responding to common comments. Like cursing in a game, the dang thing would pop up and start insulting me! Fun times!

Looking good!

Might be able to get an old Leap Motion going this weekend! Can’t wait!!! (waiting on the adapter)

Need to add a signature: is it here, yet? is it here, yet? is it here, yet? :drooling_face: :grin:

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yes exactly, I do the same with 2 Gosund wifi plugs and google home. Very easy to configure. “ok google, turn on/off basestations”.

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I think I understand. I will play around with this, should be possible to add :slight_smile:

Yep Valve has its own libraries for this and its probably taken directly from the headset data. So this might be a tricky one to add. Lets put it on the list and save it until more ppl are involved in the code.

Haha same here. Lighthouses are never turned off here.

I completely agree!

Thanks man! Sounds exciting :slight_smile: