Using the upscaler for foveated rendering

Hello! I’ve recently been talking with some people about foveated rendering and it’s implementation. As we know, Pimax will give free eye tracking for the backers of the headsets (Possibly aGlass). We are yet to know if it’s for both eyes or just one. One eye should still work for foveated rendering. One of the issues with foveated rendering is that it can cause artifacts. For example the aGlass has a demo for foveated rendering. It works, but causes a shimmering artifact. The Pimax 8k has a built in upscaler, and I was wondering if it would be possible to reduce the shimmering artifact by softening and sharpening the image using it. Afaik, it only works in games built for it. Some other games seem to not have the shimmering artifact. Nvidia Vr Funhouse doesn’t appear to. What I’m getting at is that some of the artifacts generally seen when using foveated rendering may be able to be reduced/eliminated using the upscaler.

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