Using More than 4 valve bases 2.0

When are we expected to be able to use more than 4 bases?
I bought 4 pimax headsets to run a VR room, and I will have now many bases delivered with my valve kits. And would like to be sure to detect perfectly the 4 headsets.
My celling is only 2 meters high but the room is big so 4 users will by obstructing lasers is i can’t set 6 bases I guess, and I will have detection problems if opposite bases are 8 or 10 meters away from each other …
Is there a plan to able pitool to regulize this problem soon?


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This is a question to Valve, its them that limit it to 4 even do 4 should still work fine for you with a room that is only 10m, ofc would be better if it was like 2.5m up to roof.

What do you mean by saying that Valve is limiting the number to 4?

It is my understanding that right now, no more than 4 basestations 2.0 are supported per playspace by SteamVR. Is that not the case anymore?

Why there would be 16 channels in SteamVr and bases 2.0 so?

Because it’s a hw feature that isn’t supported via SteamVR yet afaik

I have seen more than 4 LHs recognized in SteamVR. I do not know though, how many of them were actually used for tracking.

It is Valve that make them and with steam vr set what is alowed.

You can have up to 16 lighthouses (as many as there are channels) active at the same time.

Up to four base stations, up 10m x 10m playspace Valve Index® Base Station on Steam

I’m Pretty sure to have read recently by a Pimax admin that pitool could not yet recognize more than 4 base station whatever steamvr is able to.
But can’t find back the post.
But if only one of you had the experience of having seen one or several pimax headsets being tracked by more than 4 base stations at the same time, then it makes my day. And my problem is not one anymore. :+1:

I have seen 7 lighthouses (on different channels) in SteamVR being green (i.e. recognized), but I do not know how many of them were actually used for tracking, so it is possible that only 4 can be used - which is probably more than enough anyway.

I believe the problem with Pimax (unless it was a misinterpreted) was that Pimax can work only with channels 1-4. In this case, it is not a problem with the lighthouse tracking but with the way Pimax uses it and in this case, you will need to track all headsets with only four lighthouses set to channels 1-4.

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i found it back, unfortunately :pensive:

I still don’t get the point that I often read that it can only be set between 1st and 4th channel
My third base is set on 13 and is perfectly detected. I didn’t change the channel, it was a Second hand base I bought separately and was set to the 13th channel and it never has been a problem
There is so many opposite information circulating on the forum even with pimax team that it comes really hard to deal with problems upstream without experiencing them by its own
So finally everything is complexe and very experimental

A bit unfortunate for some users but Pimax is still focused on enthusiast users, just like it has always been. The expectation in that case is that you want access to ALL the features and are competent enough in VR/computers to handle it. Historically a lot of their users fit that description but the Kickstarter brought in quite a few less-experienced users.

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Luckily I am a bit experienced (the minimum requested I now understand for vr) in Computer but reach quickly some limits, but I imagine that most of the customers are not necessarily and if it is the case today, I imagine not the target customers of pimax in a near futur.
I embarked on the VR experience to finalize the ultimate automotive simulation and fps experience, but I didn’t expect it to be this complicated and not yet completed. at least not the feeling I got by watching videos posted by youtuber backers here and there, very enthousiasts. There are such a choice of different headset on pimax store that vr beginners like me could tend to think that the company has reached enough maturity for their system to work without any assistance.
But my vr room project is on its way to be run with 4 pimax headsets and I hope all of them are going to work well together. it would be such a disillusionment it it fails in the end.


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