USB connection problem - Device Descriptor Request failed

Hello guys.

My pimax4K isn’t detected anymore by my piplay app.
I got this Strange message when plugin the usb: Device Descriptor Request failed.
I found some further information with usbDeview.

Anyone have an idea to solve this problem?

Not sure but when I have a usb problem I use Zadig and change to the correct usb driver. Might help.

I have Zadig already installed…what should be the correct usb driver?

I’ll check on mine…
It’s HidUSB v10…

USB stands for the universal serial bus. When your USB device is not connected and gives some error like as Unknown device first you check the USB driver If your USB driver is Installed then your USB can work.If your D-link router is not working properly then you can visit D link Customer Support for finding the better solution.