USB 3.0 Eye Tracking Module Setup

Oh, that’s cool. I thought there was only one cable that was used for all the Pimax HMDs, at least there’s only one you can buy at the store, and it says its compatible with the 8kX. I hope I get a USB 3 compatible cable when I get my 8kX.


Sounds like yet another website mistake. The 8kX uses a usb cable for power. Where as the earlier models requires a 12v wall adapter.


Hi, PimaxUSA. You don’t understand that 30 hz is not enough for many of us. I don’t move a lot my eyes and it is annoying that kind of delay. You can talk about all degrees you want. We should have a good solution from Pimax and, at least, a cable for this.
And if we are going to connect our eye tracking to the computer it would have been nice to be the conector on the left so we don’t have to bend the cable a lot of degrees.


So i wasn’t Sure whether to post this in a face padding topic.
Last night I set up the eye tracking for the 1st time on my 5K plus and I had to cut the Piece from the gasket as we all know.
I have a 70 mm IPD so I had to cut the hole wider, so that The cable would stretch far enough

Anyway I got that installed I can see 2 problems…

  1. As someone mentioned elsewhere the magnetic rings are not very strong I can easily see that if I have to connector USB C cable to the right side and I Tug it the eyepiece will probably pop up during gameplay, Because at 17 mm it’s already being stretched to its maximum and seems to want to raise.

  2. The 2nd problem is the face Foam. I’ve been following other threads about this topic, but the face foam that comes with The 5K plus has the eye glasses cut out, normally I don’t have a problem with this at all, However the eye tracking module has extremly glossy surface and When I put it on to my face its like seenimg a reflection of an open window on one of those super glossy samsung tv screens. Its basically ususable.

I put my fingers over the slots in the foam and everything became pitch black again.

I think i can cut out some foam from another package and glue it in there or use a piece of velcro or I can try another face mask from one of my other headsets.

I have not yet actually done anything other than install it into the hmd. Truth is I didnt evem want to install this into the 5k because I can already tell that the USBGATE is an real problem for standup games

Even now im not entjusiastic about having to complete the installation knowing the experience will be subpar.

But i figured it was good prep, for when the 8kX eventually arrives,(who knows when)

P.S. A proper guide on how to install to the 5k+ would be nice, also I had the idea of wishing for extra metal frames so I could install it to both headsets.

It isn’t as easy as would hope though since it has to go under the gasket for some reason.


Today an extra pair of metal/sponge frames for eye-tracker installation arrived at my home from pimax.

Seems that the sponge is thicker than on the ones I received with the eye-tracker package.

Anyone else received another pair?
As I have not demanded them by support, maybe it should have gone to someone else?
Maybe the fixation is better with these. But I doubt because it depends on the strength of the magnets in the modules, not necessarily on the different thickness of the sponge beneath the metal… or do I miss something here?


if you have the metal hinges you can get a set of the original plastic hinges for free, they allow the strap to come down further on the back and should let the headset rest more comfortable on your face.


How did you get those i’ve been asking for a while but nobody said anything about them sending out any.

Also I finally tried eye tracking today. i did not install any firmware because mine was showing up as Drrolon in device manager already

I have it plugged into the top 5k+ slot and the eyetracking calibration detected my eyes pretty much perfectly

but now that i’ve done that, how do i activate it per game?

does it do it automatically? if so that seems like a bad idea if i dont want to use it for a particular game because of bugs.


Same, I need a pair for the X whenever it arrives.

Hmm, I mentioned I wanted a replacement pair in the survey, maybe you did too? But I haven’t received any extra frames yet for my eye-tracking (and haven’t asked for it either other than the survey)

I hope I get them too :slight_smile:

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AFAIK if you activate FFR with an active eye-tracker it uses DFR. If you turn FFR in pitools off eye-tracking is also off


I can’t remember :crazy_face: Probably that’s the case.

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i don’t have an rtx card yet, but as i understood it there’s an ffr setting somewhere in the pitool that activates dfr for games that supports it, when you have the eyetracker.
Other than dfr games will have to support eyetracking for more functionality and there’s not a lot of those out there.

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ok kind of makes a little sense. Wikl this work in PE as well?

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As PE is just an VR-“Overlay” for Pitools, yes. I mean the settings. DFR in PE probably makes no sense. But @SweViver could answer that.


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I got them also a couple days ago. Never filled out the survey as I did not install the ET yet after reading about it here.


I am still using ET on my 5K+ at just 30hz. A good way to test it is SteamVR Home.
If you have Foveated Rendering set to agressive this leads to a pretty small area that is actually sharp (works perfectly fine for Half Life Alyx but definatly not for SteamVR Home).
When you look outside to the trees you can see where the sharp part stops easily because the renderer does remove some of the leafs of the tree.

This is useful for two things:

  1. you can check if eye tracking actually works.
  2. you can see the speed it works at.

My conclusion is that it tracks my eyes very well. It does not lag behind a second like some people wrote here. It follows my eyes in realtime. Yes it may run at 30hz but I bought ET for DFR and that it does. I wont buy a USB 3.0 cable. I have no need.

You may keep your pitchforks in hand because we got been lied to once again but DFR works to my satisfaction. Just so you know.


I think a lot can depend upon the usb 3 socket used on the motherboard by the pimax , other peripherals plugged in etc

Sorry to interrupt.

RE: Rotating USB-C at headset end to switch USB speeds.

I wonder if you might know if this means 8K-X owners with Eyetracking module who don’t have/want the hand tracking module, no longer need to buy a 5m USB 3.0 extension cable (pictured at the start of this thread by Pimax Quorra) to directly connect to the PC when using Eyetracking?

Instead, 8K-X owners using Eyetracking with lag issues simply rotate the USB-C short cable connector 180 degrees (the link provided in the Eyetracking box reaching down to the bottom USB-C socket), but only if our reported Hz speed is shown to be too slow and the Eyetracking is performing badly?

I ask because in the Oculus link 5m cable advertised, it mentions a ‘reversible connector’ at the USB-C end also.


My understanding after reading the several threads on this is that the ET should work in optimal way when connected to the USB port of the 8kX. As long as Pimax ships with the bad cable people will need to experiment which way is USB3.

From what I can understand at the moment there is a problem with the drivers for the 8kX, so the ET doesn’t really work in optimal way, but this is been worked on.

In short - you don’t need an extension cable with the X, the port should be good enough.