[Updated1016]Pimax 8K progress update

We will have M1 testing units assembled this month. About Kickstarter shipping: the best scenario is the testers give greenlight, then we can move on to ship asap based on the M1 model. If there is anything highlighted that subject to change, we will work with testers to identify and fix them.

Brainwarp is proven feasible. We will implement the feature in the final product, the next step is to test it with the most recent hardware design.

The refresh rate is still 80Hz, but we are still trying.

The specs of 8K, e.g. weight, will be announced when the final version locked down.


We have recorded all your questions and double checked the progress with the team. There are quite a lot to share today:

M1 closed beta We will ship M1 to the closed beta testers this month. There will be around 10 Pimax 8K testing units in total.

Kickstarter shipping After super intensive development and testing, now we are very confident about M1. The plan is to start the shipments in June if testers give the green light. As always, we will take the suggestions from the community into consideration to finalize Pimax 8K.

5K shipping time We will ship 5K and 8K in the same time frame.

Brainwarp Brainwarp is proven feasible in the lab. We will test it in the new hardware structure and will adopt Brainwarp in the final version.

Refresh rate 8K is stable at 80Hz. The team is still trying to improve the refresh rate. The worst case is 80Hz when we start to ship. 5K can reach 90Hz.

Roadshows We plan to hold meetups in different cities when the working units of the controllers are ready.

Controllers The working units (prototype v1) will be ready in June/July, and the shipping time will be Q4.

Lighthouses We plan to ship the lighthouses in Oct.

Pi-tracking We have been working on Pi-tracking. The prototype has passed the internal test. We are testing a new prototype for public demo and will showcase our solution when ready.

Audio quality and specs We have finished the design and will demo the mockup when ready.

Oculus games Pimax 8K supports Oculus games, we will make an Oculus gaming video with M1.

Stretch goal gifts and add-ons

  • Modules

We are working with partners for the modules. The top priority is the hand tracking module and eye tracking module. We are working with several wireless partners as well.

  • Free content

We plan to have one content for controllers, one content for hand motion, and another tbc. We have locked a great controller game and will disclose more info when we have the permission.

  • 10m cable

The cable has passed the internal sample test. We are doing more tests and will disclose more info later.

  • Headstrap

The team is refining the design of the headstrap for better ergonomics.

  • Face cushion, cooling fan, VR frame

Not hard to produce at all, we have mockups ready. With limited resources, we are now focusing on the headset. We will update the progress when ready.


The team is assembling the M1 units, we will update more info next week.


How are the M1 headsets made?


We started to ship M1 to beta testers!

It was a long journey to improve the VR experience as a whole e.g. it takes lots of resources for lens iterations, but we believe it’s worth the costs.

Besides “how were the headsets made”, we would also like to show you how they were tested.

Here is part of the testing process:

Temperature & Humidity Test

Special Environment Test

Mechanical Endurance Lab

Vibration Test

Tumbling Drop Test

ESD Test

Strength Test of Packing

BTW, we are testing the eye tracking module as well. More information coming soon!


The tracking performance of M1 with 2 base stations is par with vive so far, but we are willing to take a step further, explore more possibilities and provide more options for you, the Pimax 5K/8K backers!

We are trying to enable 360 degrees full lighthouse tracking with a single base station, utilizing the PiTracking tech.

Only Pimax supports a single base station to track 360 degrees so far.

Based on the initial test result, the single base station tracking performs good, but the function is not fixed yet. We wish but cannot guarantee we can commercialize the solution at the end of the day. We are trying hard to conduct tests with all different environments and will learn the feedback from M1 testers and the community to decide whether we will deploy the solution on the final product.

Why developing the single base station tracking? 1. easy to set up 2. to achieve more stable tracking 3. to save money and time for gamers 4. it looks more neat and elegant

Pimax 8K M1 360 degrees full lighthouse tracking test with one base station

What happened when you use one base station for tracking with a standard VR headset

M1 testers unveiled! You may start to prepare your questions and @mention M1_Testers on the Pimax forum: M1 Testers Unveiled

Enjoy your weekend!


While the M1 testers are testing the experience closely, we took one M1 unit to LA for our Kickstarter backers to try out in a closed demo(NDA required).

The purpose is to collect feedback from backers.

TIME: June 14th 4:00 PM - 8:00 PM

LOCATION: 601 W. 5th St. 9th Floor, Room 1 Los Angeles

MORE INFO: https://brt.hr/r/KPYMbvSNTWA

Leave your backer number here to reserve a spot: http://eepurl.com/dxLsTn

Looking forward to meeting you soon!


Founder Announcement

Hi Futurists,

We are thrilled the development of Pimax 8K moves to the last stage!

As we are the first team that working on the next generation headset for the consumer market, we have encountered lots of challenges and difficulties. The challenges for us are also the challenges for the VR industry. Luckily enough, we have a community that supports us with lots of patience, encouragement, criticism, and suggestions. We have been spending almost two years on the project, a big thank you to backers, VR enthusiasts, gamers, and partners that are always standing by our side. We are confident the efforts and waiting are worthwhile.

Besides industrial challenges, it’s also challenging to deliver a product for VR enthusiasts worldwide, but we have faith in our community. We believe your feedback is crucial.

To learn from the backers to further improve the final version of Pimax 8K, we have initiated a closed beta for our backer community. So far, nine trusted community leaders, professional reviewers, and VR enthusiast groups have involved in the M1 closed beta. A beta test phase such as the one with M1 is unprecedented in its scale and scrutiny for a VR crowdfunding project.

We have collected lots of valuable feedback from our M1 testers and backers, it helps us to address the issues related to user experience in general, the vast subset of physical features, and user habits in different countries/regions. We want to make sure that our enthusiastic backers can join us to deliver the best possible Pimax 8K, which will eventually be launched commercially as well as well in advance to you, our loyal backers.


Since January, the critical paths of Pimax 8K project were the optics optimization and tracking solutions upgrade from 1.0 to 2.0.

We have delivered three iterations of the lens design, each iteration means additional time and resources. Now we are happy with the hardware and progressively speeding up the software fine tuning process to improve visual quality. Based on the feedback from backers and users, we decided to offer software options for both 200 degrees and 170 degrees FOV. i.e. You will be free to pick a FOV option before launching each content based on your preference and graphics cards capability.

Worth to mention the tracking upgrade from 1.0 to 2.0: we have been developing and testing the 1.0 tracking solution since last year. During Kickstarter campaign, we are uncertain about 2.0 tracking solution because the solution was not commercialized at that time. The big quantity commercial chips for 2.0 tracking were not available until March.

However, many users and backer expressed their expectations of the direct upgrade from 1.0 tracking to 2.0 tracking. We believe the upgrade is reasonable and beneficial to the final product. Thus, even it requires extra workload and whole project delays to change the design from 1.0 to 2.0, we still spent more resources and time since March to redesign and test the hardware structure and software fine tuning for the 2.0 tracking until today. We have made a lot of breakthroughs during the process. The experiences we accumulated during the upgrade from 1.0 to 2.0 will be adopted to Pimax controllers as well, that will speed up the development and reduce the time to deliver the Pimax controllers.

Now we are confident and happy to announce the Pimax 8K can deliver 2.0 tracking solution that performs as good as 1.0 tracking and par with vive pro tracking. We will deliver the HMD to you with 2.0 tracking solution, i.e. you will be able to enjoy the newest innovation in lighthouse tracking with Pimax 8K.

  • The single base station solution we shared in the previous update was an experiment. The two base station solution is the primary tracking solution.

To sum up the status of the headset:

  • We are now at the hardware mass production stage, and we will tweak the ergonomics with accessories;

  • Meanwhile, we are working on software fine tuning for better performance and virtual quality;

  • The user interface requires intensive improvements as well.


The headset is still the top priority, and then controllers.

The priority of the headset project is to improve performance with the current graphics card, and software fine tuning with the new lenses.

Some of the team members are working closely with our partners in the states for better performance. Thanks to our partners including NVIDIA, AMD, and the M1 testers!

Pimax is a typical team with engineer culture, we are conservatives, all of our confidence comes from the performance of the products we create. We cannot give any answer until we have the confirmed ones.

Due to the hardware bottlenecks, the project team, manufacturing team, user experience team, and part of the software team have to wait until recently. The obstacles that prevent us from mass production have been eliminated last week, thus the whole project now can move on with full speed towards Kickstarter delivery. The team works 11 hours per day, 6 days per week to speed up the iterations.

While we are working on UX and software fine tuning together with M1 beta testers, we are preparing the production line as well. There are key parts for 1K sets of headsets ready in the factory already. The graphic below summarized our next step plan. We will keep you updated on the progress.

Before we meet your expectations of the final consumer version, we can already meet the expectations of some business clients with the current model. We will soon make a business version available as well. Business edition will be distinguished from consumer version in color and accessories.

For the past couple of months, we have learned a lot from our community, and the community grows a lot as well, attracting more and more idealists enthusiasts and is becoming a hub of VR.

The mission of Pimax team is to provide the most immersive VR experience for the niche enthusiasts market. We prefer not to wait until the VR industry and mass market ready for the premium VR experience, but rather, we would love to serve the VR enthusiasts niche and enjoy the process of creating with all the fails and trials. Hopefully, we can stimulate the VR industry to move faster for bigger FOV and higher resolution VR that expected by VR futurists all around the world.

Sincerely thanks to all the Pimax backers.

Best Regards,

Robin Weng

Founder of Pimax VR


Hi Futurists,

We have been working with M1 testers to improve the product for almost two months and over 400 games tested, the community contributed to the beta testing a lot as well. How to contribute to the closed beta

As planned, we are assembling the 2nd batch of ~230 M2 (improved M1). The process goes smoothly.

On August, we plan to bring M2 to offline backer meetups to learn from your thoughts.

What we will do during the meetups:

  1. Demo the potential of 8K with recommended graphics cards and games;

  2. Compare 8K directly with other VR headsets;

  3. Show you how to adjust settings on PiTool to reach the best experience;

  4. Collect your requirements and suggestions;

  5. Answer your questions face to face.

When confirmed, the time and location of the meetups will be updated via Kickstarter.

Thanks to the hard work of testers and the team, the experience has been largely improved.

Here are some of the issues you concern about:

1. Performance

Performance has been improved by 30% - 40% for new games, including Unreal 4.18 or later, most Unity games, and Oculus 1.17 or later. We will share a list of games we have tested so far.

GTX 1070 is the minimum graphics cards that we can run 8K with, however, GTX1070 cannot utilize the full potential of Pimax 8K.

We have integrated different FOV options in PiTool for users to choose from. 1070 users would use smaller FOV before upgrading graphics cards.

Worth to mention that, with GTX 1070, 5K performs better than 8K. For those who are not planning to upgrade the graphics cards, we will provide you options to exchange your 8K for 5K + accessories.

Another good news is that the next-generation graphics cards and VR technology are around the corner. We cannot disclose details, but you can find relevant information online.

2. Distortions on the edge of the big FOV

With large FOV, it is hard to find the “one fits all” algorithm.

The distortion would be the result of several possible factors, including different FOV options, IPD, myopia/hyperopia, and the different distance between eyes and lenses. This is not an issue with small FOV headsets, but an issue with big FOV headsets.

With the most recent PiTool version .61, we have improved the lens correction profiles significantly. Previously the equipment can only measure up to 120 degrees, the engineers rely on subjective estimations to correct the distortions beyond the 120 FOV range.

Now we have the new equipment that supports 190 FOV test, it definitely will help the engineers to test and correct the distortions at the edge, the accuracy will be largely improved.

Whatsmore, we plan to offer several settings for users to find their best fit. More information will be shared later.

3. Consumer software and UX

We are working with testers to speed up iterations, we have resolved most of the issues identified by the testers.

When key issues resolved, we plan to allocate more resources to improve UX/UI, and share the improved PiTool with you to collect feedback and localization support. We plan to open the UX/UI/Localization projects to the community and provide rewards for top contributors. We believe the UX/UI will be largely improved with time and efforts from Pimax team and the community.

As business clients do not require perfect software / UX, and they usually only adopt one type of PC for each scenario, we can meet their expectations already. We have received enough business orders and have reached a consensus with our clients:

“Backers come first, business clients second.”

By that saying, we will move on with the mass production, if some backers prefer to wait until consumer software maturity, we can still deliver the prepared units to business clients.


  • Will the M2 in the meetups the same units with those the testers are testing with?
    M2 = improved M1. M2 is exactly the result of the join effort of Pimax team, testers, and the community.

  • Do the backer meetups mean the end of closed beta or the embargo is about to lift?
    No, the closed beta will keep going and the embargo will not be lifted until ready. However, no NDA required for the small-scale, private, backer-only meetups. Testers can express their impressions as backers, but in-depth reviews will be reserved until embargo lifted.

  • What’s the difference in terms of purpose between backer meetups and M1 closed beta?
    Testers are the backers nominated by the community. The whole purpose of the closed beta is for testers to give M1 in-depth testing and high-quality feedback.

We are working with testers to keep improving software and user experience for consumers, many details are subject to change. Thus, we will not offer closed review during backer meetups.

The purpose of backer meetups is to bring backers the optimized M1 headset, demo the potential of 8K, and learn your preferences about shipping, and anything we haven’t considered.

  • Will backer meetups impact the mass production and shipping progress?
    It won’t. As planned, we are producing around 230 units, there will be around 700 one month later, and scale up progressively.

(previous plan on tracking)

During the backer meetups, you can let us know, in person or by email, whether you are willing to receive earlier even when the software still need time to reach the consumer level.

It is possible backers prefer to wait until consumer software and user experience improved. In case there are headsets left, we will ship the units to our business clients.

We have business orders of thousands of headsets and our business clients are very nice and agreed on taking care of any unit left.

  • How to distinguish the business version and the consumer version?
    The community provides brilliant suggestions for the business ID. Pimax business version ID

Before the ID fixed, we will make minor tweaks in the appearance, so you can tell the difference between the two versions.

With the following updates, we will address the following questions:

  1. What exactly improved on M2 when comparing with M1;

  2. Game list we have tested;

  3. The time and location of the backer meetups and how to participate;

  4. When and how to let us know if you want to receive your units earlier even if the software still needs to improve to reach the consumer level;

  5. Detailed testing reports when the M1 closed beta ends;

  6. Return/exchange policies.

Based on our internal testing and other feedback, we are confident that once tried 8K, it will be hard for you to get used to old generation headsets anymore. We won’t let our backers disappointed. Thanks for your patience and support!

Best Regards,

The Pimax Team


Further questions from the community:

  • Is the M2 unit’s hardware final?
    M2 is the improved M1. Before shipping, we will share the complete product status with you.

  • Can you confirm that the 230 - 700 - 2000 units manufactured are per month figures?
    Those are different batches, but not necessarily the monthly yield.
    The next batch will be ~700 one month later, and scale up.

  • If the backer meetups won’t have NDA, why not drop the NDA for the testers as well?
    Even though for the meetups there will be general impressions, the testers have accumulated hundreds of hours playing different games with different graphics cards.
    Please stay tuned for the in-depth reviews from testers.

  • Those first 230 units as well as the next batches; will they be shipped as soon as completed?
    We will ship M2 to testers asap, so they can make comparisons with M1 and keep on testing.

  • Please explain why the 5K would have better performance than the 8K with GTX1070?
    A: rendering at 6K or 8K, then downscale to 5K, and finally 5K upscale to 8K.
    B: rendering at 5K, then 5K upscale to 8K.
    The visual quality with the rendering path A looks much better than B.
    that’s why the supersampling works well & with 1070 graphics cards, 5K performs better than 8K.

  • Any update on the accessories?
    We will cover the topic in the following updates.

  • When will the 8K be put up for pre-order?
    We don’t have a date yet, but will update asap.


We have started Pimax 5K internal testing.

If you are an 8K backer and your graphics cards is lower than GTX1080, e.g. GTX1070, please send an email to support@pimaxvr.com to let us know:

  1. Your backer number;

  2. Your graphics cards specs;

  3. Your plan i.e. whether you will upgrade graphics cards in the near future.

Before giving you our suggestions, we would like to learn about your situations and preferences.


It’s been two months since the first tester started M1 testing. We appreciate the efforts of M1 testers. 90% of the identified hardware and software issues have been resolved, and the team is moving on to further improve the final product.

The testing and production progress goes as planned. We have finished the internal testing units, and the M2 for testers will be ready this month as well.

Without the input of the testers, we cannot make this far.

The next step is to learn what the backers have to say in the backer meetups, and some of the testers will move on to M2 testing phase to give closer tests of the M2 units.

The first backer meetup

Location: Berlin

Time: 8/31 - 9/2

Meetup details will be shared via email. Sign up: http://eepurl.com/dxLsTn

* The event is strictly backer-only. Please include your backer number and Kickstarter ID when you sign up.

* No NDA required to attend the backer meetup, but when you post impressions in the forums, Facebook, Reddit or other platforms, please include your backer number and Kickstarter ID. Posts without the backer identities cannot be verified.

If you cannot join the first meetup in Berlin, we can bring M2 to the top voted cities as well. Vote the next meetup locations here: Vote backer meetup locations

Meanwhile, to keep your current questions in one place, we have created a new topic: Pimax 5K+/8K FAQ (updating)


10 days countdown - M2 in-depth reviews are coming up from mid-Sep

The crew is back to the office! After the meetup with over 100 enthusiastic backers in Berlin, the team looks calm but still thrilled inside.

The participants of the meetup, including our lovely volunteers, are all Pimax backers. Glad to find our backers are real VR enthusiasts who are not only passionate but also knowledgeable about VR. During the meetup, people were chatting with each other like old friends about all the VR topics. The meetup cannot have been so successful without the passion and support from you!

Moreover, the M2 devices we showcased in the meetup are exactly the result of the collective power of the community, especially the M1 closed beta group. For the past three months, the testers dedicated their valuable hours every single day in testing in addition to their own very busy schedule. The efforts of the testers are all about to deliver the best possible headsets to Berlin, and to your doorstep in the near future.

For the rest of the days on September, the team will focus on production and delivery, also manage to speed up the software iterations. The Kickstarter shipping will start by the end of September.

We already have several top voted cities from the community. The time and location of the next meetup will be disclosed when confirmed.

The testers you met in Berlin, Thomas, Sebastian, and Martin, are now working on M2 review videos for all the backers.

The exact time to release M2 in-depth reviews:

9/16 4PM GMT | 9AM PDT

While you are waiting, you may check the interview with the founder Robin Weng by Mixedreality TV: https://youtu.be/13etqjaYLKU

More meetup videos on the testers’ channels:

At the Berlin backer meetup, we showcased the 5K Plus demo for the first time. The differences between 5K and 5K Plus are:

  • Standard 5K - unveiled during Kickstarter roadshows

  • 5K Plus - new panel, PPI improved by 9%, sharpness enhanced, unveiled at the Berlin backer meetup

Will provide both 5K and 5K Plus retail versions

Special for backers:

  • 5K backers - your 5K upgrades to 5K Plus automatically;

  • 8K backers - you will have the option to switch 8K to 5K Plus + accessories

Stay tuned for the tester reviews to make your decision. Before shipping your rewards, the support team will contact each of you to double check your preferences and shipping details.

Thanks for standing by us from the very beginning. We are learning from your thoughts and suggestions to make the dream come true for all of us, and yet small niche of VR enthusiasts in the world.


Hi Futurists,

We have the final hardware versions ready for you.

Pimax 8K is the next generation headset, the only headset with SDE eliminated and FOV enlarged. We have reached the goal we set for ourselves.

It was a long journey full of challenges and surprises.

The team regards 8K as the next generation enthusiast headset and 5K as a light version of 8K. During the Kickstarter roadshows last year, the gap between 5K and 8K was obvious.

In May 2018, we seized the opportunity to create a new model with the improved panel and spent the next 3 months to test and improve the model. Before the Berlin Meetup, the new model surpassed the expectations of everyone, including the R&D team.

Before we decided to bring the new model to the testers and backers in Berlin, we had an intensive argument internally, quite a few team members thought it might confuse people, thus against the idea of releasing the new model right away.

However, the whole purpose of the team is to deliver the best possible VR immersion experience to backers asap, and whatever fits in that purpose is the right thing to do.

The final decision is not to hide, but to make the new model available for each one of you, our backers.

We named the new model 5K+. You are now free to pick the best model for yourself.

For the first batch, we have prepared both 5K+ and 8K. We will ship the models to you as your Kickstarter rewards based on your choices.

The support team has already reached out to the early backers from #1 to #100 to double check the shipping details. Every 8K / X backer will get the chance to switch to 5K+. Also, every 5K backer will receive the new 5K+ model instead of 5K and have the chance to switch to 8K as well.

You can now start to think about your own choices already:

  • If you are an 8K / X backer and decide to keep 8K, we would suggest the graphics cards GTX1080ti or higher for you to run demanding games with 8K.

  • If you are an 8K / X backer and decide to switch to 5K+, we will provide you $100 coupon to purchase accessories (modules etc.) in our online store. Stay tuned for the pre-order of headsets and accessories: eepurl.com/cCSair

  • If you are a 5K backer and decide to switch to 8K, please contact support@pimaxvr.com to pay the $100 price difference.

  • If your backer number is one- or two-digit i.e. #1 - #100, please let the support team know your decision this week, so we can manage your shipment asap.

  • If you cannot make a decision yet, you are free to take your time. We can skip your backer number for now and manage your shipment later. Contact support@pimaxvr.com when you made up your mind.

You may refer to the very in-depth video reviews by our super awesome testers to make your decision:

SweViver | https://www.youtube.com/sweviver | English

VoodooDE | https://www.youtube.com/c/VoodooDE_PCGaming | German

Mixed Reality TV | https://www.youtube.com/mixedrealitytv | German/English

Answers to the frequently asked questions: Pimax 5K+/8K FAQ (updating)

Steps to ship your rewards:

Step 1: We will announce the details of the new batch to ship via Kickstarter.

Step 2: Every backer will get an email from the support team. You will be able to confirm your choice(s), your address and other shipping details.

Step 3: Based on the info collected from the backers, we manage to ship the rewards.

Step 4: Repeat the steps.

VR Enthusiasts - thanks again for standing by the startup called Pimax. Your passion is the energy to drive the team and the whole industry!

VR Developers - Let’s get in touch! Email us at sean.huang@pimaxvr.com, we will add you to a developer-only group for better support (link: http://community.openmr.ai/c/developers).

Best Regards,

The Pimax Team


Hi Futurists,

We start to ship the first batch of Pimax 8K and 5K+ headsets!

Even though there will be the national holiday the first week of October, we will move on to ship all the devices for #1 - #100 backers during the holiday.

Our support team has collected responses from #1 - #100 backers. There are 48% 8K and 52% 5K+ in the first batch shipping.

Some of the early 100 backers haven’t replied yet, we can reserve your units for another month. You are free to skip the first batch and let us know when you are ready. However, whether or not you want to receive your package in the first batch, please do reply the email from support@pimaxvr.com, so we have an idea about your plan.

We would highly suggest you upgrade your graphics cards if you don’t have GTX1080 or above. If you have any question about graphics cards, please reach out to the support team, we can recommend and even help you to get the best graphics cards based on your using scenario.

As early backers, you will receive the headsets before anyone else in the world, but as we are still improving software and UX, you also need to prepare for more tweaks than other backers and general customers in the near future.

The team will provide one to one support for early backers. When you have received the headsets, please share your forum ID with the support team (email: support@pimaxvr.com), we will add you to a forum group specific for early backers: http://community.openmr.ai/c/early-backers

We can get in touch via email, cell, Skype, and the forums to provide as much support as we could, even some free games :wink:

Worth to mention that if you are very critical about UX design, we would suggest you wait and receive later batches when UX improved.

With very limited resources, the team has resolved the bottlenecks of the big FOV headsets, the next priority is to deliver better user experience. As time goes by, the comfort and the whole user experience will be largely improved with new software versions and accessories.

The team is eager to learn from your experience to improve the product, the other enthusiasts are waiting for your comments and knowledge about the devices to better use the headsets.

VR is one of the most subjective experiences, we cannot bring the demo units to all the backers, but our testers have accumulated over 30-hour reviews, AMA, and game playing videos on youtube for you.

Backers - you will be the first group of explorers to experience truly immersive VR. No matter which model you pick, either 5K+ or 8K, we will provide you special offers when new versions become available.

Best Regards,

The Pimax Team



We hereby welcome our early backers to work with us to deliver better VR experience for all the enthusiasts in the world.

We have resolved the bottlenecks of the big FOV VR. The team decides to deliver the headsets to you as early as we could, even though the software and the user experience are not good enough for consumers yet. We wish you can fully aware of that.

Be prepared for a certain amount of tweaks in the very beginning. The whole Pimax team is eager to learn from your experience and take actions based on your feedback. The rest of the community would appreciate your contributions to making the experience better.

To do our best to make your life easier as a super early adopter, we will provide one to one support for you. Please contact us via support@pimaxvr.com (email & skype) whenever you encounter any issue.

Let’s work together to accumulate knowledge and tips for our fellow enthusiasts!


SweViver | https://www.youtube.com/sweviver | English

VoodooDE | https://www.youtube.com/c/VoodooDE_PCGaming | German

Mixed Reality TV | https://www.youtube.com/mixedrealitytv | German/English


Combining the community requests, backer data, and VR event schedule, we decide to bring Pimax 8K and 5K+ to the US.

The planned route for the upcoming Pimax backer meetups:

10.23 Los Angeles

10.25 - 10.26 New York

10.28 - 10.30 San Francisco

Note: The schedule is subject to change due to the number of registered backers.

To reserve a spot: http://eepurl.com/dxLsTn

More details will be shared via email before the meetups.

If you’d like to participate in the meetups as a volunteer or partner, please shot an email to support@pimaxvr.com with the email title [Pimax Meetup].