[Updated] 8K Arrived Monday 25th Feb 2019, it's not plug and play but after tweaking it's amazing

Truth users without BT have ran LHes more or less fine

I don’t have Bluetooth and my base station is working with my 8K. Iirc, BT is only used for firmware updates for the BS. If you don’t have BT, you can connect the BS via a USB cable to update the firmware. Honestly, the BS seems like a simple device, I’m not sure why you’d ever need to update it.


FW updates and to shutdown the basestations, yes.


Ah, shutdown. That’s an important feature. I’ve got my base station and headset plugged into remote-controlled power sockets. (2, so I can turn them on in a particular order.)

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Having RMA’d my 8K, I have gone back to my Rift. I’d like to officially withdraw all criticism of my 8K headset (RMA issue aside), because putting the low res binoculars back on has made me realise how good the 8K really is…

Great work Pimax, the 8K is glorious!


I have had DPD notification that my replacement 8K is arriving on Monday…I really can’t wait. Not a bad turnaround overall, my only gripe was that it took the UK warehouse 6 days to confirm to Pimax they had received the HMD I returned. I followed all instructions to the letter and provided the tracking number which had confirmation of delivery. Overall a relatively painless experience, well done Pimax you’re getting there!

I hope this one is fully functioning, because going back to using the rift has been painful.


Replacement received, however world wobble and tracking issues are exactly the same as the previous HMD…fingers crossed a teamviewer session can sort it for me.

Did you get your lighthouse brand new? I bought two of them used and both were bad, it took two days to figure out. LH will show in both Pitool and SVR, but won’t work. See this thread:

If image clarity is still a problem: remove SVR resolution cap and use near field IPD image (see wiki of this forum) . Also, HMD Is best focused when it is low on my nose to me, but this was painful until I fixed comfort issues. Unlike oculus or Odyssey however, I never have to adjust Pimax HMD to move it into focus - it is always in focus, huge step up from older devices.

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Lighthouse is wired into PC via USB…it’s a V1 I got from the bay but it looked new (all the sticky stuff still on it).
After multiple SteamVR crashes and runnig a steamVR system report all of a sudden SteamVR says the headset is now tracking. PiTool allowed me to run room setup ok, but now says not tracked under the LH.

Clarity is fine now (no check that it’s feckin awesome!), that was just down to settings.

World wobble is still a problem though…I’ve requested a session with Doman…

You do not need to wire base to the PC, that is only needed for FW update. Make sure you’re on the latest FW (436) and no error codes are detected. Unfortunately, your experience sounds exactly like what happened to me.


The wobble shouldn’t be there, i got it a few times so now i know what the famous wobble looks like. It was related with tracking/performance issues, one of the two, i’m not sure

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I don’t have bluetooth on my PC so I’m having to use the usb cable…firmware is saying v298, but when I check in SteamVR it says it’s the latest version/up to date

Neither Bluetooth or usb cable needed. The lighthouse simply projects beams that the headset & controllers tracking sensors use for positioning info.


I have the same problem. It takes quite some effort to get tracking working, but after that it’s great.

I bought mine brand new and have it 2.5 m from my desk, where I play seated VR games (only). I’m only using 1 lighthouse, which might be exacerbating the problem.

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Two things help with the initial detection (in my observation): HMD should be in the line of sight with the Lighthouse. Second, PiServiceLauncher service restart helps. I can help setting up a script, if you are interested.

Really, the tracking that does not work initially and work later is Pimax software bugs. They need to be fixed, and I’d gladly help in any way I can, but so far no idea who the dev is, so not sure who even talk to. Service restart is easy to do though, compared to the sad state VR software is in, overall.

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How does SteamVR/PiTool know what’s going on if there is no link between the PC and the lighthouse?

The lighthouse sends out coded pulses of light and the headset receives them and sends the info back to the PC over the USB cable.


if i set the brightness to high in pitool it is harder to detect,it’s better on normal over here

Teamviewer session this morning, and lighthouse tracking sorted. I think the main problem was I was too close. Now I’ve moved the LH to the far corner of the room it’s connecting ok.

World wobble / latency is still a problem, maybe I can minimise it by changing settings. It seems a little better right to left but up and down is horrible.

If I move my head slowly it’s ok but rapid movement is a problem, if I had to make a guess it’s a mismatch in the acceleration calculation to replicate head movement. Input lag!


The headset tracking sensors is how it tracks.

Bluetooth is used to turn on & off LHes. It doesn’t need to communicate with pc as mentioned except for firmware updates