Update for 2nd September server error

When trying to confirm my delivery details for my backer box, I keep getting "“Internal server error 500” so cannot confirm if my details are correct. Is anyone else having this issue as well?

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Well that’s Sod’s Law in action, no sooner did I post this topic than I tried the confirm button one more time and this time it bloody well worked. I swear the internet hates me at times :grin:.

i’m getting error 500 too, even if i repeat it


If you are having this 500Error while visiting the page, please try again later.
The overloaded traffic has caused this issue.

In case you couldn’t access to the page, you may log the ticket to our support team.


500: Internal Server Error …
boy o boy … what an chaos company!
is it realy so hard, that at least ONE thing is working straight away as it should?

tried to reset my password and I get a connection error

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